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CYFREE15 Posts: 248
3/11/14 2:07 P

How about planning a snack to eat while your kids are eating their dinner? If you have something specifically set aside for you to eat during that time it may help.

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3/8/14 6:09 A

Make the same healthy foods for everyone.

As for eating off my son's plate, I do very very occasionally, but usually I think about how the food has his drool and random dirt all over it and that it's HIS food, not mine and I shouldn't eat it.

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3/6/14 8:56 P

Try making just enough for your kids (and husband if he eats the kid food). Tell yourself that if you eat the kid food, one of the kids will go hungry. Even if we have leftovers, they either go straight to the dog or straight in the trash or right into the fridge. None for me. That's for X time and it's not for me to eat. I've got the self-sacrificial mom thing down so it's common for me to pass over what I want so the kids or husband can have what they need. The mental trick seems to work for me.

3/5/14 1:21 P

I am totally coming out of the closet on this one --- how many times have I finished whatever they left? eaten 1 -2 pieces of pizza and then had my own dinner? A few strategies that have helped me...
1. get them to throw out their leftovers before leaving it in the kitchen for me
2. avoid serving them any of my trigger foods - mac n cheese is one for me also
3. just throw out the leftovers and quick! I grew up in a house where nothing was thrown so its a hard one for me, but so helpful
4. Have something else healthy to "nibble" while preparing
5. Get out of the kitchen - I never realized how much time I spend waiting for the food to be ready, cleaning up etc.

I hope this helps!

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3/4/14 6:34 P

How old are your kids? Honestly, the younger you start introducing real grown-up food, the easier time you will have getting them to eat healthy balanced meals. My thought on it is, if it isn't good for YOU, why should it be good enough for THEM? This also would help by keeping them temptation out of your way. And by "real food" I don't mean sad plain chicken and dry lettuce "diet" food. Find some healthy and delicious recipes for seasoned baked/grilled chicken, fresh veggies (without butter and cheeze whiz) and whole grains. It can be done! Good luck.

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3/3/14 8:08 P

Hello everyone! Just thought maybe you all could give me some good ideas on how I can stop the nibbling I do when I make dinner for my husband and children. I have been meal prepping my meals to make sure things are weighed out and healthy but family isn't on broad for the new way of eating just yet so I have been make meals for them every night and they are the healthiest. I notice I do a lot of nibbling while I cook and make plates for them. Its so hard when im eating that nice bowl of salad and they are having that mac and cheese. Today the kids where out of school and for lunch they had frozen pizza. I did have a slice of it, 300 calories later not happy with myself and for dinner I ate a few bits of what I made them.

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