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4/4/09 9:52 P

well, as good as it tastes, im officially throwing this box in the trash.
apparently the side effects are real, its not in my head.
its so upsetting. why cant they just remove some of the fiber! haha :)

JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
4/4/09 9:27 P

I LOVE Kashi cereal, but can not eat it as mush as I like because it causes very bad gas, and abdominal discomfort.

4/4/09 4:41 P

Trader Joes has not gone out of fact there are new locations opening up in my area all the time!!! Can't imagine what I would do it TJ's went out of would be like SP going out of business!!! emoticon

4/4/09 1:46 P

I thought that Trader Joe's went out of business?
I had the same symptoms from eating that Go Lean Crunch! It was awfull. I'll never buy it again.

4/4/09 1:39 P

You could try Special K Protein Plus. It tastes like the flakes in Raisin Bran without the raisins.

4/4/09 1:26 P

Hmmm - I just bought a box of Crunch and am having the same problem. Oh well, I guess I'll have to try the original next time!

ANGELICA534 SparkPoints: (47,403)
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4/4/09 10:14 A

I agree with the post above. go with the original Kashi GoLean, it has just as much protein and fiber but less calories. It is just as filling because if you look at the nutrition the crunch is like double in sugar! the 60 extra calories are like pure sugar. The original tastes great in milk or with greek yogurt and fruit (really up the protein and feel full), since it is only subtly sweet and pretty low sugar you don't feel any sugar crash and it doesn't make you crave more sweets.

4/4/09 9:49 A

yea, im thinking it might be the chicory root. perhaps i can digest it in small amounts, but kashi go lean crunch has it as one of the first few ingredients.
so cruel! i love this cereal but i can't take the bloating!

4/4/09 9:19 A

Here is an idea...
chicory root (inulin) is used in some of these high fiber food products. It is not digested by the body, and therefore can be labeled as fiber. However, I do not consider it to be as healthy as a variety of fiber received from fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains, etc. It may cause bloating, gas,(depending on amount consumed) in some people. It is also used in those high fiber yogurts.
Becky, Your SP dietitian

KNUCKLES145 Posts: 16,220
4/3/09 11:56 P

try eating protein for breakfast. it digests slower so "stays with you" longer than carbs too. or have some of both

4/3/09 10:41 P

im thinking maybe its soy? or the chicory root?
anyone know of a cereal that will keep you full? i have classes starting at 7 and dont get offf until 1130. thats a bit of a stretch until lunch! but i dont want to eat a HUGE breakfast. hate the fact of all those carbs sitting in my belly doing nothing haha

4/3/09 8:36 P

Do you have any food sensitivities to any of the ingredients? I have a problem when I eat too much wheat. It makes me swell pretty bad. I like that cereal too, I just can't eat very much at once or too many days in a row.

4/3/09 8:32 P

I bought a box once. Tastes great, but my stomach can't handle it. I think its the chickory root that causes my bloating and gas. I can get the same amount or more fiber from other foods without the same problems. I have never tried any other Kashi cereals since. I ended up throwing the box away after 3 days of it. I can eat the kashi granola bars and the TLC crackers, but I will stick to my Multigrain Cheerios and get my fiber from other foods.

4/3/09 8:04 P

The original Kashi is very tasty and does not seem
to have the offending ingredient!!! I also love Nature Paths and Trader Joe's high fiber cereal!!!


4/3/09 7:58 P

if you are prone to bloating/gas i STRONGLY advise you skip this cereal. i think it might be the chicory root fiber in it..

COCONNOR10 Posts: 608
4/3/09 7:47 P

Oh, this worries me!! I just bought that cereal and I'm always bloated and gassy. I bought this cereal for the fiber and was hoping that it would help. I guess I will have to see.

4/3/09 6:10 P

I have read several people having this problem with the CRUNCH but not the original variety!!! Not sure what causes it but with so many other options why put yourself through that!!! I love the original variety!!!


DIVALOCS Posts: 690
4/3/09 5:55 P

Have you been drinking a lot of water? When you eat high fiber foods you need lots of water. Its one of my favorites as well.

CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
4/3/09 5:45 P

Maybe it's the fiber content? I'd advice seeing a doctor about your problems. They can track it down for you!

4/3/09 5:43 P

anyone had REALLY bad stomach problems with this cereal?
for a while now ive been trying to find the culprit of my diet that is leading me to have really bad bloating/discomfort and i eat this cereal monday-friday (although i sitll am bloated on the weekends, maybe this cereal is just very potent?)
anyone else eexperience this?
and if so, is there a cereal that tastes like this one? I LOVE THIS CEREAL, but i cant handle the over-full bloated gross feeling it gives!!

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