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10/22/13 3:36 P

My belly is pretty much the only place on my body where I still have fat. It's so annoying, and in my case the result of metabolic disease. I also had a very large tumor removed several years ago which stretched things out. Boo!

All you can really do is to keep loosing weight. There was an article on CNN today with some tips. Basically it said:

1. Lower your stress/cortisol response
2. Get more sleep
3. Eat probiotics (yogurt)
4. Avoid alcohol, soda and coffee
5. Avoid salt and high-sodium foods such as pre-prepared meats

Here is the source:

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,583
10/22/13 1:38 P

Unfortunately you cannot spot reduce fat.

I know your pain. I have a lot of stubborn belly fat

10/22/13 11:21 A

I can relate to the problem y'all are having. I've been thin and fat. Back and forth. For the last 8 years, it's been forth. At age 18 I was 103, At age 26 I was 125 and thought I was a cow. After many ups and downs( and 6 children) at age 48 I was 189 and changed from a sedentary job to an active one. Dropped down to 145 and looked great. However, at around age 58 due to the pain of osteoarthritis and other auto-immune disorders plus reducing my activity level I started gaining again. I am presently with-in 2 months of being 65 years old and weigh 205. Ouch!!!!
I now have the appearance of being a "pregnant" cow; and am again wearing maternity-like apparel. NOT A PRETTY SITE.

I would laugh, but I'm too busy crying. Hopefully, together, we can ALL get through this and get to a healthy weight.

Best wishes to all,

MKMMARTY Posts: 6,927
10/22/13 10:34 A

I still look pregnant and I am a man-- that belly will not go even though I have lost the 20 pounds - the next 20 must be all in the belly for there is not much fat on my other parts

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10/22/13 9:28 A

Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce fat. On most women, the tummy is the last thing to go. Continue with the diet and exercise and it will help, it just takes time.

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EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
10/22/13 9:08 A

Even though I've never been pregnant, I can relate! I have stubborn belly fat too! I just tried on a pair of shorts today and I hated the look of my bulging belly! I look like I'm 3 months pregnant! Sigh!

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10/22/13 7:42 A

Hi! like many mums I am still struggle with the baby weight! especially around my stomach. I run regularly but it does not seem to help, can you recommend anything apart from old good press ups which are just extremely boring :(

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