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6/14/13 9:27 A

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP. emoticon

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8/1/12 5:36 P

Keep up the good work!
So glad to read when others remember to count those work-out sessions in which you do your chores (like gardening!). So many people forget to count those as calorie-buring sessions!

For me, it is usually housework! Just lugging the vaccuum cleaner around can make me work up a sweat!

Hope the garden rewards you with its bounty this summer.
And, don't forget to hydrate -- you can loose a lot of water out in the yard!

Stay with it; stay well!



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7/31/12 9:06 P

well, i just finished gardening work for 45 minutes and feel great. I lost 3 lbs and feel better but wish i could lose 10 overnight. i know it is not realistiic so i am content to just keep triying.
i was borderline diabetic at the beginning of the year but made it to where it is 100 measure so i try to watch the carborhydrates as well as the calories. i want to start walking around my block but with the heat i am not making it. i do walk around the mall when i have the chance. hoe to hear from you who have similar situations.
thank you. glad to be back with spark.

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