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DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
1/31/13 8:21 A

Have someone check your neck/head positioning while doing the moves as well. If your neck and head are out of alignment, your shoulders will be out of whack too. I see people in the gym quite often with their head pitched forward while they're doing the chest press machine, seated rows, and others. Ouch!

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1/30/13 11:50 P

my trainer last year told me that my shoulders are tenced while upper body training, it could be one of the reason

thanks i will check it next time i do weights

TEXAS92 SparkPoints: (81)
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1/30/13 11:35 P

I also have this problem but I think I have figured out why this happens. During certain workouts, especially upper body, you have to make sure you are lifting with the right muscles. My neck and upper back are very tight because often, when I lift anything or lift light weights, I tense my shoulders and neck up. Try to relax you upper back unless you are doing a specific back exercise. Really concentrate on what is flexing when you do an exercise.

HEALTHYPRIYA SparkPoints: (18,943)
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1/30/13 11:32 P

Thanks, today morning i did pilates and i was fine, this problem happens only in shoulders or upper back after weight training

last month i had switched to exercise machines for upper body but still same issue if weights are on higher side

does that mean my stretching is less?

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,891
1/30/13 10:25 A

Does it seem like stiffness/soreness from doing new activities? If so, try some light activity today. Doing nothing can make you more stiff and uncomfortable. If it seems like something more than that, make sure you're using proper form when doing the exercises and that you're not using a weight that's too heavy for you.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

HEALTHYPRIYA SparkPoints: (18,943)
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1/30/13 4:43 A

my day go in discomfort and stretching shoulders if i do heavy upper body strength training
today i attended body-pump group class in morning and i stretched the max i can

but i still have stiff shoulders, any advices?

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