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I would imagine if you were doing Ashtanga yoga or something like that, you might be able to count it as cardio. Maybe, I'm not sure though.

I think of 10,000 steps almost as being a default setting. Like, that's the minimum you should shoot for everyday not actually the exercise you are doing that day. But, that would just be me.

I would do both activities.

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9/17/11 3:11 P

You don't track general yoga under cardio. They used to have it there but have replaced it with power yoga only. If it wasn't power yoga, it's not cardio.

People think cardio and strength is all there is. This isn't true. There's also flexibility, which is what yoga is.

Being a non-cardio activity, it's not something that's easy to count the calories with as it's not heart rate based. Being mostly a "hold a pose" type of activity, and calorie burn comes from movement, it is a low burner anyway.

Track the time spent in Quick Track.

Whether yoga is strength or not depends on what you're doing in individual poses. The normal goal of a yoga pose is to stretch a muscle. Strength training comes from contracting it. Of course, to stretch one you contract its opposite, but it's likely that stretching one muscle is not taxing that opposite contracting muscle as much as you could with weights - therefore not providing a sufficient resistance to strength train that muscle.

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Why not do both ? Take your walk before you go to yoga or afterward. I routinely walk 5+ miles every day along with any classes or strength training I do. I love walking and I take yoga !

Spark People puts yoga under cardio even though it's not really cardio. It's not really strength either even though many of the poses qualify as strength type training i.e. plank, side plank, chair pose, etc... they're body weight exercises. there have been differences of opinion amongst the SP members egarding yoga. Some don't consider it strength at all. Some do.

If you just want to track the class, you'll have to track it under cardio. However, consider the class a health and fitness "bonus" because not only do you work on flexibility in a class, you also work on coordination, balance, strength and stamina too.



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I am striding to reach at least 10,000 steps on most days. The days I do yoga though, I've swapped my walking time out in order to take the class. In your opinion, do I still need to walk 10,000 steps? Also, what does yoga count as, cardio? Strength training?



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