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3/4/13 10:46 A

I have the same problem whenever I do water aerobics. I have to constantly remind myself to keep my heels down and feet flat on the bottom of the pool.

stepping on a flat foot will help. And I hope you have flat shoes you can wear for the next few days. Sore calves and high heels are not a good mix!

My calves were still sore on Sunday from my Tuesday workout! I climbed the bleachers for just over an hour. I made sure to step up with my foot flat, but going down there is no way to stay off your toes. Fortunately I was able to wear flats everyday (until today).

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3/4/13 8:59 A

Yes, people still do step. ;) Quite a workout, too!

BOB240 SparkPoints: (6,131)
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3/3/13 8:27 A

Do people still do step aerobics.. I thought it went out in 1988.. :)

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/3/13 12:32 A

welcome to the sore calves club. I went to weight lifting class today. We did calf raises with a weighted bar.......mine was 45 lbs. and I have sore calves. Love the feeling it means I worked hard. So remember that this too shall pass.

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3/2/13 10:03 P

When I did step way back when, the instructor would always warn newbies of sore calves. Just be sure to stretch thoroughly.

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3/2/13 9:16 P

I did a step aerobics class yesterday for the first time and my calves are really sore,...I thought that my quads would have been sore but no..just the calves. I've done boot camp classes, spinning and other fitness classes but they have never got this sore.

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