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10/30/12 1:35 P

One thing that helps me now is that almost all restaurants have their menus online.. often with nutrition information. So I plan ahead what I'll order. When I have that argument with myself with no one else around I make better decisions than when I'm being social. Then it's a bit easier not to overeat.

If I want an appetizer I try to make it my main course or else have another smaller less caloric meal choice... I limit beverages to water and maybe one glass of margaritas after I figured out the damage from the calories!

But all in all.. on a special occasion, it's okay to enjoy a little extra.. this is the rest of my life, not a diet!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
10/29/12 7:53 A

As we progress, we learn how to manage various situations.
There will always be something - just use it as a learning experience and move on.
Next time you encounter it - you'll know what to do, because you've evaluated your good and bad choices when handling it the last time

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10/28/12 8:56 P

emoticon CPORTER emoticon

This is a process and it sounds like you are already being aware of what you are doing and taking steps towards improving your choices. Make this a fun journey. Time is something that requires all of us to set priorities and work out how we make our healthy lifestyles work.
emoticon It took me time to figure out how to make it all fit too.

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N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/28/12 11:48 A

Finding time to exercise is my greatest obstacle with it. I actually love fitness and exercise and could have gotten into the profession for a career. I prefer to be outside jogging, hiking, walking, biking, snow skiing, water skiing or playing tennis to any work at home or outside the home.

I have had to figure out how to find 15, 30, and 60 minute segments of time throughout any day to have time for it.

There are many tips in articles and on message boards at SP with some fantastic ideas to incorporate exercise into your day.

Check out "deskercise" at the Fitness Message boards for a few ideas for starters.

The greatest thing SP has taught me is that 10 minutes of exercise 2-6 times a day adds up to something significant. I used to think I needed an hour workout for it to be of any value. I was wrong!

Just came back from a 30 minute jog, will stretch during my day at home today.

CPORTER14 Posts: 24
10/28/12 10:45 A

Did alright yesterday, till I went out to supper, for a birthday party for myself and a friend. Appitizers,wine, main meal- I probably am being to hard on myself. I did watch what I ate for appitizers and ate half of the main, had the rest wrapped up to go. Worked all day at my partime job and really got hungry.
Started to date, got a really busy work schedule, Just not finding enough time in my day.

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