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4/18/12 9:44 A

ROSEYKAT6 - It is hard to stay motivated, but you can do it! There is a kickboxing video that Coach Nicole does that's only 10 minutes long and I love it. Here it is:

LORISTANLEY1 - Welcome to Sparkpeople! I also had a hard time motivating myself to exercise, but the videos really help a lot. They are so short that it's really hard to find excuses to NOT do them. By the time you talk yourself out of doing them you could have had it done already.

Also, I found that joining a boot camp or a challenge concerning something I really want to work on really jump-starts things when I get blah.

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4/18/12 9:09 A

Hello all ~

I am new to Sparkpeople. I signed up quite a while ago and I never really did anything with the program. I am now tracking my food, first step. Being motivated to exercise...........oh, how I so want to start exercising as I know how it will benefit me but I just can't seem to get myself motivated. I used to be extremely motivated both foodwise and exercisewise but now I'm just not only a blob, I'm also blah. I read the other posts below and to start something to get me moving, I will do the 10 minute intervals. I bought all the exercise videos, the cookbook and the book and I start to read and then I just stop. Well, thanks for listening and I hope to get to know a lot of people here. Everyone have a great day.

Lori M. P.

4/18/12 9:02 A

How "little" is little man? Can you pull him in a wagon, or push him in a stroller? That's how I lost all of my baby weight when my kids were little. Good luck!

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4/18/12 8:44 A

you can try getting your little man to do 10 minutes of jumping jacks with you - do it as interval training..30 sec jumping jacks fast as you can then 30 sec walk in one spot then 30 sec fast as you jumping jacks and so on until you've reached 10 minutes (studies have shown 10 minutes of intense interval burns more calories than 40 minutes of steady paced jogging/walking'/cycling) plus it's only 10 minutes of your day and your lil one can partake so you make it into a game you 2 do everyday. (sorry I AM assuming when you refer to little man, that you are talking about a child?)

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4/17/12 1:16 P

ty ladies, that helps....still hard be cant wait to get there.....

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4/17/12 9:25 A


Stay strong. Just look at how far you have come. As the previous poster stated, you do not have to do all your activity at one time to get the results you want. Studies have shown that 3 10 minutes sessions are just as beneficial as one longer one.

Hang in there!

Coach Nancy

4/17/12 8:18 A

The only way I can stay motivated is to take 10 minutes in the morning to pack my snacks for the day. The day I don't have my snacks and lunch is the day I bomb on calories by "grabbing" food when I am on the brink of starving! I also tend to drink coke from the vending machine and a Starbucks on the way to work. If I have my snacks with me I reach in there to grab healthy alternatives. I recently bought a cute lunch bag from ThirtyOne that is large enough to accommodate several snacks (carrots, celery, hard boiled eggs, grapes, strawberries, etc.) plus my lunch. That keeps me on track and the weight down. Also, since I have an hour for lunch if I have my lunch I can eat and have time to walk, if I have to leave for food I don't have time to walk.

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4/17/12 7:55 A

hi,ive been struggling with motivation, been forcing me to be active, not easy when busy and little man want to b outside....i try 2 use wii at least3x wkly .... need to lose 30 more or is gonna be long process ....want 2 be 20lbs lighter in 12 weeks as ill be visiting family .....sigh

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