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8/5/11 6:27 P

fit, what are you trying to say? Can you explain further? Thanks

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8/5/11 6:17 P

Two weeks ago I reduced my weight loss rate, so I went to my coach and said "you know, maybe its a plateau or my body went in starvation mode.

She said (in more elevated words :) ), "starvation mode my a$$. That does not exist. Show me your food tracker...". Hmmm she was right. Adjusted as she sugested and one week later loss rate was back to normal.

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8/4/11 12:44 P

ha! Good one, thanks.

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8/4/11 11:51 A

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8/3/11 10:33 P

thanks Bill. What's that old saying? Believe only 10% of what you hear and 90% of what you see or something like that.

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8/3/11 8:12 P

Unfortunately starvation mode is a misunderstood concept. I may go so far as to call it a myth. Author and nutrition expert Lyle McDonald sums it up very nicely.

"In general, it's true that metabolic rate tends to drop more with more excessive caloric deficits (and this is true whether the effect is from eating less or exercising more); as well, people vary in how hard or fast their bodies shut down. Women's bodies tend to shut down harder and faster.

But here's the thing: in no study I've ever seen has the drop in metabolic rate been sufficient to completely offset the caloric deficit. That is, say that cutting your calories by 50% per day leads to a reduction in the metabolic rate of 10%. Starvation mode you say. Well, yes. But you still have a 40% daily deficit. "

You don't STOP losing weight in "starvation mode". Yes, the metabolic rate slows, but never stops and it certainly doesn't reverse. But do the math, at a significant caloric deficit, the metabolic slowdown is almost inconsequential.

Truth is, if starvation mode existed in the way it's explained around the SP halls, no one would starve to death.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
8/3/11 1:14 P

yeah right. I don't believe that for one minute. Besides, those supermodels would be fat living on rabbit food all day.

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