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1/29/13 3:29 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople! I suggest finding at least one feature on this website that you can do on a daily basis that works for you. For some people that is making a daily status update. For others it's tracking exercise and/or food. For me my most helpful habit is to blog. I find that it's cathartic and keeps me focused on my daily, weekly, and monthly goals.

Last but not least, work on building up your Sparkpeople friends list for support. Feel free to add me as a friend :D Good luck!

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1/29/13 3:28 P

Welcome to Spark People!

I have limited mobility due to problems with my feet. To get my exercise in I use Spark Peoples videos. There are video exercises that you can do while sitting in a chair. They are great on a rainy day.

Oh, I am one of those over 50 members of Spark People, too.


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1/29/13 2:32 P

Welcome to Sparkpeople. One of the best features of SP is being able to meet others with some of the same trials or interests that you have. For example, there are 12 teams for those with heart disease on this link (
) 15 teams for Fibro (
) and 41 teams for Washington (

There are 30 teams for those of us in our 50s (
), 6 for grandparents (
), 8 for parents with adult children (
) and 500 other various family teams (

Then if you have hobbies, there are more teams there, too! Sit down, grab a bottle of cold water (or hot tea) and look around. SP is amazing!


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1/29/13 1:18 P

I am a 53 year old Mom and Mimi. I have 6 grown children, a 9 year old daughter and 19 grandchildren. I had open heart surgery 5 months ago to replace the aortic valve. I also have diabetes. I would like to lose at least 66 lbs. To be my perfect weight I should lose another 20 after that. But, if I can get that close then I will have the motivation to change my goal. My anniversary is Sept. 25 and with this goal I should be there by Sept. 18.
I am looking for advice, motivation and help getting started. I will be taking Coumadin for the rest of my life due to the heart surgery. I am very limited on eating Vitamin K foods (green leafy things mostly). This pretty much eliminates salads and lots of veggies. I also am looking for ideas for exercise. I live in Washington so summers are beautiful, but this time of year everything is covered in snow so going for walks is not an option. Due to the fibro I don't have a much strength in my arms or legs.
Thanks so much to anyone that responds to this and may you all have a blessed day.

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