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Hi. Welcome. I was diagnosed w/ Type II Diabetes a few years ago. The doctor gave me a diet plan to follow which included lots of carbs - they are just better carbs than the sweet ones I was eating. So I worked with it a while and came up with the following;
When craving sweets, I love to have multi-grain french toast w/ fresh fruit & sugar-free syrup, or I like whole Wheat bread w/ a tinsy bit of butter, a good sprinkle of cinnamon, & a tsp of honey spread on it, or 1/2 c of a combination of blueberries, apple chunk, strawberries, white seedless grapes, & mandarin orange slices drizzled w/ abt 1 Tbsp of Vanilla Yogurt (you can use any combination of fresh fruit you like). You'll find you actually crave these items instead of candy. However, when my blood sugar drops, I have found out that the doctor actually recommended having Reesee's Sticks w/ me, because he said it will bring it up fast & keep it steady longer than even fruit, plus it satisfies my chocolate craving. Good carbs also include beans, whole grains like tortillas (love Mexican foods & you can lightly sprinkle some 2% cheese on the chips or tortillas, sunchips, nuts, rice cakes, etc. A girl once told me "a carb is a carb" when it comes to diabetes, but she was wrong. The good carbs keep your blood sugar steady so that you don't have the highs & lows that are what makes Type II Diabetes so dangerous. Good luck. You can do it. Read the articles the SparkPeople person told you about. These and all other articles are vital in your quest for a healthier you.

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I love carbs too and I like to find good tasting alternatives. I think the more you can read and learn about different foods the better. It has helped me to be more open minded. LOL I can be a picky eater and cook for picky eaters too.

I have tried using spagetti squash instead of pasta with a chicken alfredo and everyone loved it. I have also done califlower as mashed potatoes and it was a hit too....

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If you haven't yet seen it, we have many diabetes resources in our diabetes condition center, including many articles with nutrition information:

I hope you find that useful!

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I recently joined this wonderful site because I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few weeks ago. I was having a hard time figuring out what to eat and how to balance things to keep my blood sugar levels even throughout the day. I am using the food tracker which has come in handy because I can put foods into the meal plan and adjust amounts and foods until I have a great meal or snack that contains food I like. I am a picky eater, and I love my carbs, so I am trying to learn to adjust portions and thing like that. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? emoticon

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