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10/13/13 3:35 P

I checked your account, and it looks like you have a weight loss goal set. Does it seem to be working okay now?

Coach Jen

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10/13/13 2:46 P

It won't let me do it that way. When I would click on 1#/wk it would just keep switching it back to maintain my weight. However on the mobile app it allowed me to manually enter my calorie goal and goal weight so I did it that way. I really did want to see what sparkpeople would set my calorie goal to though...

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10/13/13 2:22 P

You can set your program up for a 2 # weekly loss, 1# loss or to maintain.

I will give you the steps so you can see how you initially set up your program.

Click above on MY TRACKERS, START
In the upper left side of the screen, you will see small red lettering: account/e-mail preferences. (click this)

Scroll down and click on reset program.

Go through the process again and see what happens.

If you still have problems, let me know.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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10/13/13 1:51 P

So I am new to sparkpeople. I have been using livestrong as my preferred fitness site but have heard lots of good things about spark and decided to try it. When setting up my profile it wont allow me to set a weight loss goal. It only gives me the option to maintain my current weight. My goal is within a healthy bmi. On livestrong my daily calorie goal is 1400. Any thoughts? Maybe im doing something wrong?

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