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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,544
11/22/13 11:17 A

If you are doing those activities for at least 10 minutes and the Spark counts it as a workout event, then you may need to reclassify the event to those specific activities and you wouldn't need to manually add those workouts to your Fitness Tracker. If it didn't pick those up as workout events, then you can add those to your Fitness Tracker so they are counted in your calories burned amount.

Coach Denise

JACINDRA Posts: 12
11/21/13 8:41 P

was curious if anyone had the spark tracker or is able to answer a question for me. If let say i do exercise (jumping rope, hula hooping, zumba ) am I suppose to add that in or is the tracker already doing that for me? I dont want to be adding extra calories burned if they are not really being burned.

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