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bob harper is a great motivator and he said once that you need to take fish oil tablets before and after exercise - and when i have my weight lifting days or i have a heavy cardio day i take them and i can say that they reduce the pain alot

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You mean "electrolytes?"

You don't need to worry about electrolytes for most activities, unless you're getting into really intense stuff and needing to refuel (think marathons and intense sports, exercising for more than an hour to an hour and a half.) For most people, just plain water is the best choice.

The problem with sports drinks is they're loaded with sugar and artificial flavors; you can get electrolytes other ways.

You don't need to strength train every day. In fact, you need to wait around 48 hours between muscle groups.

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Ever get a charley horse when you wake up? I usually jump on to a cool floor. That seems to help. But when I went into the health food store, the nutritionist said "vitamin e would help". When I used to do a lot of biking for me. I remember my boyfriend who did a lot more than I ever would said," his muscles would be rippling'. Back to the nutritionist. She said," you always need to be well hydrated prior, and that the problem was electro lights!" So, find a sports drink that has that in it when you are working out a lot. Also, if you are doing weights, rotate muscle groups to every other day. Otherwise you damage your muscles. eva

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