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2/18/13 9:32 A

Yes. we soak our chicken in a 15% salt solution. So it is 340 mg of sodium per 4 oz serving. If you read labels though, you can find some as low as 40-80 mg per serving. You can buy fresh, frozen, or no sodium canned vegetables. Heart Healthy chunk soups have 820 mg per can. Add noodles ( 0 Na ), and make it 2 servings for 410 mg each. Use swiss cheese which has a lot less sodium. Frosted mini wheats has 0 Na.

Fruit, and vegetables naturally have very little sodium, which is why you are supposed to eat 5 servings. Why not just have 10 servings? Avoid all processed foods, and it will be very hard to eat too much sodium. I am eating 2,337 calories today, and have just 1,863 mg Na. Tomorrow I will eat 2,490 calories, and get just 1,435 mg.

The best gauge of whether a food is high sodium is to compare calories to mg Na. So if it is 420 calories ( my 1/2 cup macadamias ), and has 220 mg Na, it is okay, but if it is 140 calories with 340 mg sodium ( salty chicken ), you probably want to avoid it.

Most people eat 1200-2000 calories, so if you eat 1500 calories for example, 1500 mg Na is a good idea. Clear out the salty, processed foods, and you will have no trouble keeping Na low. Salt is a preservative, and the #1 reason foods are salty is so they can leave it on a shelf for months, and not have it spoil. Yummy, huh? Since 75% of a grocery stores inventory is in their back room, how long before it gets to the floor?? May times they have to dust packages before they put them out front. Salt keeps them from going bad though!

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2/18/13 7:32 A

Yes, I agree, too much of anything is bad for you including salt. There is a lot of salt in bread, cheese and cereal...even French Fries and lots of prepackaged foods contain salt too!

I was surprised to learn chicken is pumped with salt in America to make the chicken look plumper...

Some foods naturally contain sodium like veggies, milk, shellfish. Salt can be a concern and can also cause bloat (water retention) so check the lables. In my opinion salt can stall weight loss when the body retains fluids.

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2/18/13 12:18 A

too much of anything is bad for you including salt. Salt can cause high blood pressure which can lead to a stroke. Why take the chance.

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2/17/13 11:50 P

I don't have any nutrition qualifications so these are my opinions.

We all need sodium BUT too much sodium is bad for everyone. It can cause a high blood pressure which can have a very negative impact on our heart and and possibly set you up for osteoporosis and other conditions.

Below are a couple links you may find helpful:

I hope that you find these articles helpful!

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2/17/13 10:21 P

I was jst curious if anyone can tell me how sodium affects your diet? I know some people have health issues where they should limit their sodium...but is this something i should be cautious of too?? I jst notice through logging food that it seems everything has a ton of sodium. Should i be watching it??

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