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11/1/12 2:53 A

I agree with Kristen. When talking about dieting as an activity, it's only temporary because any type of deprivation almost always results in setting yourself for failure. There's no such thing as a permanent diet...Or not one I've heard of. That's why I'm all about lifestyle changes...Finding what fits YOUR lifestyle...I remember this one girl I was talking to asked me how I lost weight and was beating herself up for drinking a latte earlier...I couldn't figure out why she'd beat herself up over a latte...Why not just include it in your lifestyle and make it work? However, when talking about the word diet in general, I also sometimes just view it as what we eat in a day.

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10/31/12 9:32 P

dieting is about what you can't have. eating healthy is about including the things you do like in small doses in your life. I am an emotional eater too. So I keep a candy bowl on my table with sugar free hard candy. When I think I need to eat I suck on one candy and that seems to help.

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10/31/12 6:46 P

thanks for the feedback everyone! the whole "for a lifetime" vs. "for the short term" does really seem to make the difference

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10/31/12 5:42 P

I agree w/ Unident's definition.... "I'm dieting until I lose 10lbs" or in my case once "I'm dieting so I can fit into that dress" versus "I have a goal weight but I'm mostly working on making better choices I can do for forever".

10/31/12 5:26 P

As others have already mentioned..."diet" is what you eat.

Emotional eating falls into the question of why you are eating. People eat to satisfy hunger. Some also eat to comfort themself, ease anger, stress, depression, lonliness; some eat because they are happy and celebrating; eating because of bordom is a big one for many.

So the question is...why are your reaching for food to eat when you are not really hungry. This will then help in finding your solution???

Dietitian Becky

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10/31/12 5:11 P

diet simply means what one eats.
there are two ways to do this. the first is to eat what you want, and by the virtue of you eating it, it is included in your diet. the second is to find an outside source for a list of restrictions, prescriptions, foods and stick to only what is on that list.
for you, remembering that the minute you eat it, it becomes a part of your diet is going to be the way to go. if you try and use an outside source approach, you're just going to load all sorts of stuff that doesn't belong in the cycle into the cycle. don't focus so much on where you think you should end up. just look at today and see how you did relative to how you used to. that's where you're going to see progress instead of trying to measure up to some perfect yardstick. start where you are, do what you can, even if it's small, and celebrate the progress you make, and don't even think about where you need/want to get to in the end. work on where you are now.

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10/31/12 3:20 P

A diet is what you eat. If you don't have a diet, you die of starvation!

But seriously, most people find that they best results for having a diet that results in health is one that you can be on and not think you are depriving yourself, that you can do for the rest of your life, and that is nutritious.

I changed my diet about two years ago, and I would be wise to keep it up forever.

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10/31/12 2:31 P

For me, dieting implies a temporary fix. A diet is not sustainable or something you plan on doing for the rest of your life.

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10/31/12 2:27 P

You'll get conflicting ideas.

I would suggest that "dieting" is any time you have an eating plan that includes "until...".

There is no end-date on "I'm just trying to eat healthy and make better choices". If you are following a 3 week plan or doing this "Until I lose 5lbs" or something like that, that is "dieting". What will you do *after*?

Healthy eating for life does include some restriction. It's not healthy to eat whatever you want, whenever you want, so you do need to deprive yourself of some of the things you might want (if you're an over-eater) in order to eat healthy, so just deprivation of any kind isn't really defining "dieting".

It sounds like you're doing well if you're managing to curb most temptation by including a small daily treat. That is a healthy approach.

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10/31/12 2:05 P

I'm trying to get over emotional overeating issues, and everything I've read about the topic says to avoid dieting and restricting. That's all fine and good, but what exactly IS dieting? It seems to differ from definition to definition. Some people say it's eating nothing but cabbage soup or grapefruit for days. Some people say it's counting and tracking calories. Some people say it's denying yourself things you want, but this gets into very tricky territory when you have an emotional eating yourself (satisfying a craving for a cookie is all fine and good, but what about when that cookie's gone and you now have a craving for ice cream, pizza, and brownies? and are these cravings physical or emotional? AHH!)

as you can see, i'm a little confused. i have about 30 pounds left that i'd like to lose, but i also want to curb emotional eating problems. so far, i've been doing okay with including daily treats, but learning to resist if i want something more than that.

what do you all consider to be "dieting" and "restricting?"

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