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SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
12/1/13 2:05 P

Use your membership and prove them wrong. Is it your money? Spend it how you want and I can't think of a better investment than your health.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,339
12/1/13 10:46 A

If you use it, it's worth the money, no question.

If you don't, then cancel, and you have learned something about yourself. Win-win.

Besides, if you are able to channel your irritation with your family into exercise-energy, that's a win-win-win!

210014631 SparkPoints: (35,652)
Fitness Minutes: (10,227)
Posts: 1,400
12/1/13 8:42 A

Doing it on your own is always harder - I admire you for that.

ADAPTINGANNIE SparkPoints: (126,111)
Fitness Minutes: (19,993)
Posts: 21,508
12/1/13 8:38 A

Just felt like sharing. Had knee surgery in August and was unable to do much except physical therapy through mid-October. Insurance ran out so no more PT. Early November joined a local rehab center that offers limited fitness memberships. Now doing my own PT. Less expensive than local "gyms", plenty of fitness and rehab equipment, indoor track, and pool. This also gives me the option of paying by the month so no long term contracts. Just went on my first extended hike since August. Knee feeling good!! WOO HOO!!!

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
11/29/13 5:35 P

I wouldn't pay any attention to your family's comments. People think I am crazy for paying a personal trainer for 2 sessions a week after I had been doing well on my own for 6 months. I see the value in his service and know that he elevates when I learned I do on my own and pushes me when I place limitations on myself. Likewise, only you will know the value the gym membership creates for you. I would only count it as a waste if you're one of the hundreds who pay the membership but never show up.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (255,522)
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Posts: 14,957
11/29/13 9:22 A

I've had a gym membership for many years. The only thing that's changed about the membership in all that time is which gym. Currently it's a YMCA membership. I'm pretty sure the Y will stay in business, so until we move it'll be the Y.

there are times when I skip going to the gym, but I always go back.

I stay away on purpose during the first 4 to 6 weeks of the year, but I find other workouts to keep me going during that time. We have a Bowflex at home and an elliptical. I use the Bowflex a good bit, and the elliptical some (DH bought it, but I just don't like the elliptical).

as long as you use it, a gym membership is worth the cost

MLAN613 Posts: 19,245
11/29/13 8:24 A

Online Now  • ))
So, you're basically paying $46 a month. That's really reasonable for a gym membership. There's a fancy gym in my area that costs around $100 a month for a single and $160 for a family.

I personally love my gym. It give me access to a variety machines I can't have in my home due to space issues and finances. My gym offers classes that are fun and other members who are friendly.

I hope you find a lot of fun activities and friends. there!

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
11/29/13 8:08 A

I had many gym memberships over the years, beginning in college. I would use them regularly for a short period of time and then my motivation would wane. I've been a member of my current gym for a year and a half now! This is huge for me -- it's the first time I ever had to renew.

What worked for me was taking classes at the gym. I find the machines to be so monotonous that they never could hold my interest for long enough.

I hope you find what keeps you there! Good luck!!

FITWITHIN Posts: 26,167
11/28/13 5:21 P

Enjoy all that the gym has to offer.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/28/13 5:19 P

so did I hear you right that you love yourself enough that you invested in YOU... That you took your money and spent in on a good thing instead of junk food. That you are going to have a healthier body, more stamina better self esteem and a more positive attitude. WOW nice going........You made the best decision for YOU............Good work...!!!!

DEESHAREE SparkPoints: (62,332)
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Posts: 566
11/28/13 8:17 A

You have just invested in your life and health! Bravo!!!!!

ALANA1981B Posts: 6
11/27/13 12:26 P

thank you to all who have replied . YOu have made me feel so much better about my decision. I appreciate all the support and am glad to have found such a great community.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,460
11/27/13 5:07 A

Yes, there are technically 26 fortnights in a year, not 24. But the whole month free strips this back to 24 payments anyway - it's a wash either way. Your family don't understand the math and their comments are just serving to get you down for no logical or financial reason.

But if you are paid fortnightly rather than monthly, then the matchup between your income and the gym fees can make a lot of sense. If you are paid fortnightly, then the pay dates can drift over the month, and the gym bill might hit when your pay hasn't yet hit.

Ignore your family's comments, and enjoy your new workout facilities!


DIANE7786 Posts: 5,092
11/27/13 5:04 A

It’s okay that your family doesn’t share your enthusiasm. Parents always worry that their children will make poor decisions. The price is fair. If you go five days a week it’s $2.30 a day. Use all the gym and Sparks offers for information, motivation and support to help you reach your goals. It will take time for the results of your commitments to show. Then your family will recognize that you made a responsible financial decision to improve your health and appearance. They may want to join your gym!

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CONALLLACON SparkPoints: (6)
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11/27/13 4:28 A

Doing regular workout in gym keeps a person health, fit and strong. I do regular workout which helped me to lose my weight as well as cellulite.

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CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
Fitness Minutes: (69,867)
Posts: 3,526
11/27/13 1:02 A

Joining a gym, IMO was a WONDERFUL move! Good for you!

I pay $100/month for my gym membership and to be honest, it is worth every dime.

Look at it this way... the $23 you are spending every 2 weeks on a gym membership would have easily been wasted on fast food, drive thrus, coffee drinks, eating out... and so on.

I think you did the right thing!

get the most out of it and start using it right away!

ALANA1981B Posts: 6
11/27/13 12:26 A

for the last year i have been doing jillian micheals dvds at home..but today I joined a gym and when i told my family they say i was pressured into a pressure tactic and that paying every 2 weeks is awful as some months have 5 weeks…so now i am sitting here feeling awful when i was feeling happy and excited about this new adventure….needing some support on this healthy decision. and actually i think i got a great deal. a whole month for free….and its only 23 dollars each 2 weeks….all the other gyms in the are were into the 30 dollar range every 2 weeks…

thoughts welcomed.

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