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HAPPY1956 Posts: 25
7/19/12 9:27 P

Congrats on setting a goal. That is the first step to getting healthy. I have a lot to lose also and have difficulty with consistency. Frustration gets the best of me sometimes but I have to remember that the weight didn't appear overnight so it won't go away over night. Good luck and we can do this!!

IZZYSGRANNY SparkPoints: (0)
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7/19/12 4:12 P

congrats on getting started.. i also still need to lose 100 lbs... and also like u im not getting in enough calories. but if im not hungry i dont think about it.. gotta do some changing up somewhere.. good luck and giving up the sodas was the best thing i could ever do.. so go u!!

CLSCHAEFFER SparkPoints: (0)
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7/19/12 4:10 P

I am a newbie and in the exact same boat :) Take special care!

LINAMARIE64 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 268
7/18/12 7:30 P

so decided to live a healthy life. I am way over weight and have used every single excuse and so many different fad diets, all failed. I am diabetic and take pills to control my blood sugars. well I have started as of monday to change my ways and i must say that was excited when i checked my sugar levels right after eating dinner and to my surprise they were 200 I know that's still high but its low for me....I have stopped all sodas, chips, candies and bread or anything that is white..I will keep you all posted on my progress but I know i can do this and I am going to do this... oh and also added 40 minutes of walking to my day... the only problem is that as much as i ate today i still didst meet my nutrition goals. lol, apparently i need to consume more food...

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