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4/9/14 11:51 A

Thank you all for your help. I'm so glad to know that it's most likely water! Knowing that, I think, will keep me from bingeing next time. :) I did end up eating a sandwich for dinner last night, so I guess it's all good. Thanks again! Oh, and the dessert bars..... never again. I'm not bringing them home from the store. Period.

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4/9/14 9:33 A

OK I'm going to repeat some things, but they're important!

First, never ever allow yourself to take the scale seriously on that sort of time scale. You are looking for trends over time (did I have a weight this week that was lower than any of my weights from last week, sort of thing). Day to day that scale is going to lie to you all the time. I just lost four pounds in two days from a stomach bug. Is that fat loss? Heck no. I probably only missed about a single day's worth of calories, and my exercise was of course zilch. At most I've lost about a half pound of real weight. So when I gain 3-4 pounds over the next few days that is not going to be a sign I'm on the fast track to disaster, its just normal. You're normal too. There will be days you suddenly gain up to about 3 pounds and days you suddenly lose the same. Ignore them both and look at the trends. Most causes of sudden water weight gain pass in hours to a couple days, some might last a week or more (hormones), some longer than that (intense exercise).

So now you know what you're dealing with you don't have to punish yourself by betraying what you really want, right? Good.

Next thing, skipping dinner. I would ask you again to consider your real goals. Are they just to be skinny, or to get to a healthy weight in a healthy way and stay there? If the latter, then there should be no need or desire to punish yourself for your binge with a skipped meal. Binge calories or not your body still does need and deserve some healthy food for the day. By all means make it small if that is all your stomach can handle, but do eat something. You won't go over your calories much, you will likely remain at a net deficit today, you'll feel better tomorrow by having given your body something good for it, and most importantly you will be reinforcing the good ways of thinking for the long run and not the bad.

As with others I am a decided non fan of those types of snacks. I don't care how perfect the macro nutrient balance is said to be, IMO they're still just oreos in disguise and should be handled accordingly. I'd rather have a couple tablespoons of hummus and a handful of baby carrots for those calories. But it doesn't really matter. I eat plenty of things that others would find less than useful to them too. What matters most is how you handle it.

And it occurs to me I must be writing this on the day following but I hope it can still be of some use. I hate to see people punish themselves like this. Good luck.

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4/9/14 8:01 A

why are you beating yourself up over identifying a learning opportunity? beating yourself up over what you did this morning is useless. feeling bad about it is useless. skipping dinner entirely may be setting you up either binge tonight or overeat tomorrow.
but you can get something besides too many dessert calories from this. look at this as identifying a space you need to work on. 2lbs overnight is a normal weight fluctuation. i went to yoga for the first time in a month last week and the morning after i was up two pounds too. the only thing that means is that my muscles were retaining more water because that's how the muscles repair themselves. it doesn't mean i did anything wrong, 2lbs, and particularly 2lbs overnight is most often a water weight change. so that means i ate more sodium, more carbs, still have more of the waste from what i ate yesterday in me, or i worked out and my body is making itself stronger. if i ate 7000 cals over my maintenance calories yesterday we can start talking about weight gain. but if you didn't it's normal, natural variance. the only time you're not going to have that sort of variance is when you're dead. if you weigh 150lbs, it's entirely normal to see 145-155 on the scale without you having gained or lost an ounce. it's just what happens to be in you at that moment because your body is constantly working and changing. and water is a large part of that and the stuff is darn heavy [ a cup of water is a half a pound]. if you can't take seeing those up and down bobbles on the scale, then you're one of the people that need to weigh once a week or less often.
the other thing you identified is that you need to find another way to self soothe in this situation. meditation, a bubble bath, soothing music, knitting, a massage, anything that's not eating and relaxes you is what you need to work on finding so that the next time you see this sort of bobble on the scale that you do that activity instead of eating. put a note on the dessert bar box to try a walk instead if you need to, but come up with a list of alternate solutions for the next time you see a 2lb bobble on the scale. so long as you aren't dead, you'll see one again and forewarned is forearmed, particularly if you've worked out alternates in the meantime.
we all do this kind of thing at one point, but the important part is to not beat yourself up about it and find a different way to handle it for the next time. it might take several tries to find one that works for you, but that's part of learning. very few people get behind the wheel, strap on rollerskates, pick up a guitar or paintbrush or book, sit at a piano and are 100% proficient at it immediately. you have to fail a little and figure out how not to do what you don't want to do and how to actually do what you want to do.

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4/9/14 7:30 A

I have cut back a lot on the so-called dessert bars, but I still eat a fiber one bar at least three times a week. I am slowly working on removing them from my diet, but I am struggling with the fact that within moderation everything is okay thought.

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4/9/14 7:08 A

Most of my life I thought they were OK, especially the Fiber One bars.

Now that I know how much sugar and artificial sweeteners use to effect me. Definitely AVOID ALL, many better choices of food available. Sugar affects hunger issues, cravings for sweets and eventual food binges. Your sugar levels will not spike with a piece of whole fruit & less hunger issues.

4/8/14 9:04 P

You totally have to be careful with those things! I certainly wouldn't eat more than one a day of any of those products. Not that I'm any saint.... I can overeat on anything. The Weight Watchers desserts, the Skinny Cow desserts -- they taste good, so you have to be really careful with them. They're not very big, which is part of how they get them to be "diet," but the danger of that is that it looks like you want 2 or 3 to eat a serving.

I bought some Fiber One bars and my husband tossed a few back as a midnight snack one night while I was asleep. He regretted it the next day. Let's just say.... overeating fiber bars is a self-correcting problem.


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4/8/14 6:45 P

Does anyone else have a problem with eating these things? I'm particularly upset over eating too many "diet" (popular name diet that has its own food line) ice cream bars today. I can't handle these things! The thing is, most days I can. Today I woke up 2 lbs heavier than yesterday and just lost my motivation. Self-soothing, I suppose. I'm so mad at myself now, and I can't have dinner tonight. Not that I'm particularly hungry after all those calories. 90 calories can become a ton if you eat enough of them! Arghh! ( I guess I'm just venting, but am I alone in this?)

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