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KSUGIRL93 SparkPoints: (27,813)
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Posts: 88
6/10/13 7:00 P

I just signed up for GoBites. I like things like pre portioned packaged nuts, dry fruits (dates/figs/prunes) and canned fish (sardines, tuna,smoked oysters). Also like the Quaker rice cakes and the oatmeal medleys. Those are delicious, easy to pack and filling options. Also Justin's makes individual almond butter pkgs, so does Jiff (I think) so crackers and peanut buter is another option.

STARFISH1961 SparkPoints: (72,281)
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5/30/13 7:05 P

I enjoy these lower cal. Ice cream sandwiches ( I mix cool whip lite & sugarfree vanilla pudding equal parts and put an oz or 2 on chocolate graham crackers , wrap in plastic and freeze. They are delicious and only a little over 100 calories.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,293
5/11/13 10:53 A

Make some air-popped popcorn as it is is one of the healthiest foods anyone can eat...has protein, minerals and vitamins… and lots of fiber

Multi Grain Cheerios in a baggie or container for a crunchy treat.

Pack three graham cracker squares to get 15-20 g of carbs.

Wasabi peas provide a low-fat snack and quick fuel for energy. Trader Joe's, Walgreens. They re low-fat snack, have protein

DASHKATH Posts: 862
5/8/13 12:43 P

portable pouches of applesauce
portable pouches of almond/peanut butter
pre-portioned baggies of cereal

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,229)
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5/6/13 10:31 P

tuna and salmon packets
dehydrated veggies
turkey/beef jerky

LOVEMOUSE82 SparkPoints: (3,788)
Fitness Minutes: (2,976)
Posts: 349
5/5/13 8:48 P

Life choice protein bars. I like the chocolate mint. Has 20 grams of protein.

Trail mix....or I make my own by mixing almonds and dates.

There are also other protein bars like fiber ones varieties. They might not be AS nutritious but do have protein (like 10 grams) and are nice and filling on the go.

QUOOTIE SparkPoints: (35,228)
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5/5/13 6:27 P

I need a portable snack that is filling and nutrient packed but can travel in a suitcase for a week or so, I have to be on the road. I am taking fresh fruit and would like something to add to it.

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