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10/10/11 8:58 P

I don't have any advice that I can give, but just wanted to let you know that I can sympathize. We live in a co-op and our downstairs neighbor smokes on the front stoop, which in turn comes up through our windows. Annoying? Yes, but unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. He is smoking outside, it's his house, and sucks to say it, but it's just one of the side effects that comes from co-op living. I am counting the minutes until we can sell this place and FINALLY get a house!

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10/10/11 6:03 P

Move somewhere else?? Our eldest daughter & husband had the same problem. They were in a duplex. They finally bought their own house. Problem solved.

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9/30/11 9:32 A

Last time I checked smoking was legal and it's their home and can smoke, if it is affecting your health and your quality of life it is up to you to do something not anybody else.

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9/30/11 2:33 A

I had a lot of smoking neighbors for a while. I could smell the smoke even with the doors closed. My recent neighbor uses those fresheners which irritate my nose as well.

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9/27/11 9:30 A

What kind of dwelling do you live in?

I live in a detached house, and neighbours on both side smoke. We have not hesitated to speak up when their habits encroach on our house (ie butts thrown in our yard).

If you live in an apartment or townhouse, you will probably have to ask nicely for them to smoke somewhere else, but that may not go over so well.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,707
9/26/11 8:59 P

"no one is doing anything "

Maybe there is more to the story, but... who do you think should do something, and what should they do?

JENNY_BILLOT Posts: 1,634
9/26/11 5:59 P

My smoking neighbors have now started to affect my health. I saw the doc today and he had to prescribe me Claritin for my allergies because of my neighbors smoke coming into my house. I'm so upset and no one is doing anything or caring my health is affected!

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