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10/15/13 11:45 A

could you meet once with a personal trainer to get a new dumbell routine to challenge yourself in new ways? how about changing up your walks- more hills/add some jogging intervals/etc. what about swapping in a different kind of activity if you can for 1-2 of your regular workouts- biking or swimming or a sport you enjoy?

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10/15/13 11:01 A

So like most of you I drink fewer than 3 sodas a YEAR, never ever eat fast food, take every staircase in town, weigh or measure most of my foods, track daily, take long power walks, own several sets of dumb bells (and USE them)...

And yet, I am still above my ideal weight and not really, truly fit.

I'm not in the market for big time changes to my life ("commit to fitness by adding hours of gym time to your weekly routine"), but would LOVE to hear about small tips (like those beginner tips you read so often) to help more experienced sparkers/dieters/health conscious folks to move beyond the basics.



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