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WALKINGTALL85 Posts: 1,063
4/22/11 6:12 A

alos sooking at the Sportspal flat back canoe, that would be similar.
2 hp on a kayak would be lots of power I would think

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
4/21/11 9:08 P

I have been looking at a kayak for at our lake house to just play with. I had forgotten about the stealth 2000.
one of the guys on the lake bought one of these last year and mounted a 2 hp motor on it. The mount as made for a trolling motor, he beefed up. they are pretty light too. I had an otter 1200 many years ago when I hunted on the river, I hauled it on the top of my jeep.

WALKINGTALL85 Posts: 1,063
4/21/11 6:13 A

ya it is for a car with roof racks. want to get into smaller lakes and possibly take it into places with an atv.
you are right that carrying gas and motor in a car can be a pain as well.

WILKERSONR Posts: 5,148
4/20/11 9:49 P

yes buy a bigger boat! I have not owned anything smaller than a 14 foot 15 hp boat. But I have used a car topper and they worked great, I have duck hunted in a flat back canoe, the only thing that I did not like was it would not plane out with just me in the boat. Between the motor, fuel, and my weight in the back. I have since seen throttle extension handles that would help that. Both were very stable on a calm lake.

What are you looking at using it for? Also the downside it you have to haul the boat, motor, and gas. if your in a car that could be problematic.

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WALKINGTALL85 Posts: 1,063
4/20/11 5:52 A

anyone have advice on small boats? like a car topper or flat back canoe with small (2-4 hp) outboard.

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