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5/26/13 10:02 A

if only weight loss was a simple mathematical equation

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5/26/13 8:20 A

And to add, you can see your daily calorie deficit by going to "My Trackers" then "Reports" and "Daily Calorie Differential" to get an idea of what sort of calorie deficit you average. Keep in mind it's just an estimate and doesn't always translate perfectly to pounds lost on the scale but it will give you an idea. A deficit of -500 cals per day is roughly 1 lb/week.

In my own experience, the less you weigh the harder it is to create a large deficit and even if you manage it, I've found my body tends to do its own thing anyway and I never lose as quickly as my calorie deficit would suggest when I push for too large of a deficit. A 1 lb/week loss at your current weight should be celebrated. Once you get down to the last 5-10 lbs I would slow it down to about .5 lb/week. A lot of people struggle to get the last bit off and even get stuck at the same weight for the next year. My guess is that they try to lose it at the same rate they lost the rest of their weight. I found my last 5-10 lbs came off easily once I stopped trying to race for the finish line and changed my goals to focus more on body composition over scale weight.

Best of luck!

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5/26/13 4:26 A

Actually, I'd turn that around. Think about a level of exercise that you think you can sustainably commit to over the long term (whether it is 3 x 30 mins per week, 4 x 45, or 6 x 60 or whatever), then look at what intake is required to support this.

Fortunately, Spark will take care of all the math for you. Just enter the amount of exercise you are targetting into you Spark Exercise Goals, along with your target rate of weight loss (both accessible from the LH side of the Start page), and Spark will recommend an intake consistent with your needs and goals.


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5/25/13 11:46 P

Thanks so much @jennilacie. I've been reading a lot about this calorie deficit thing and I'm not really sure how it works. If i eat 1200-1500 calories a day how many calories should I be planning to burn everyday in order to lose up to 1lb a week??

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5/25/13 8:30 A

At your current weight a 1 lb/week loss is as much as you should expect. It's actually quite a rapid loss for someone who I imagine is already in their healthy BMI.

You definitely need to incorporate some strength training in your routine. Body composition is more important than scale weight especially since I assume this more about vanity pounds than losing for health reasons. Body composition has to do with how much fat you carry vs. lean muscle. If you build lean muscle while losing a little bit of fat at the same time, you'll look smaller and fit in a smaller size leaving scale weight redundant.

The difference would be weighing 108 lbs and still having a lot a "problem areas", ie: carrying a lot of fat (higher body fat % or "skinny fat) or doing strength training and being firm at 110-115 lbs. Scale weight is really a poor indication on how you body actually looks. Body fat percentage is far more important when it comes to aesthetics.

To change your body composition you will need to develop an effective strength training program where you lift heavy/use resistance that challenges the muscle to exhaustation in 8-12 reps (moving up in weight once you can do more). Start with full body 3x a week on alternating days. I personally put more emphasis on my ST than I do cardio. And you're going to have to eat more, this is vital. As counterproductive as it seems, your body needs those calories to build muscle. However, to lose fat you need a calorie deficit. Although this sounds like opposing goals, it can be done at the same time if you don't starve your body of calories (don't create too large of a calorie deficit and lose weight slowly).

I eat around 1500 cals a day with 1-2 days a week at maintenance (or slightly above) and I'm small, 5'2 110 lbs. I aim to lose about .5 lb/week. Since the beginning of the year I've gone from around 25% body fat to around 18%. A size 5 to a size 1 and have only lost 10 lbs.

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5/24/13 2:18 P

Why do you track your weight? Weight is not an objective measure of fitness or health. Track your body fat %. It is much more relevant to both fitness and health. It is also much less frustrating than weight.

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5/24/13 6:03 A

200 bpm is really high, but not necessarily unfeasible. I assume that an HRM is giving you that figure - does that match with what you get if you stop while working out and check your pulse manually for 10 seconds?

What can you do to get it down? Keep working out regularly. Simple as that.


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5/24/13 5:42 A

My spark range for calories is between 1,200 and 1550. When I use all my weight watchers points I'm always in that range. I was never active before and so in doing all this cardio, I would have expected it to have more of an effect. Also I am finding that my heart rate gets very high when I exercise. If I go on the elliptical for about 15 minutes my heart rate gets up to 200bpm. Is there anything I can do to lower that? I think its because I was never active before and I'm just very out of shape.

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5/24/13 5:39 A

I agree with Zorbs - rapid weight loss will normally be experienced only with those with a significant amount to lose. And that weight loss naturally slows down as you approach your goal weight.

A rough rule of thumb is that you can expect to lose about 3% of the weight you are seeking to lose, per week. So someone with 100 lbs to lose, might initially expect to see 3 lbs per week. But as you only have 17 lbs to lose, 0.5 lbs per week seems reasonable.

One thing that is missing from your program is strength training. ST is actually a very effective fat burner. I'd recommend substituting in half an hour of ST in place of your cardio, 3 times per week. A very simple but effective routine would be:
* squats/lunges
* planks
* deadlifts
* pushups (modified, wall or incline pushups if necessary)
* pull-ups/lat pull-downs/bent over dumbbell row


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5/24/13 5:16 A

"Is there something I can change in order to increase my weight loss each week?"

have more weight to lose. People who weigh 200 pounds or more can lose 1+ pounds a week.

You also need to eat more, NEVER under 1200..what is your spark range?

Just to give you a sense of perspective: it took me 4 years to go from 130 to 115 pounds. But I have kept it off for many years.

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5/24/13 2:39 A

I currently weigh 125lbs. I'm doing weight watchers in hopes to get down to 108lbs. I am eating about 1,200 calories a day and on average doing about an hour of cardio, 6 days a week (about 300 calories burned each time). I only lost .9lbs my first week. Is there something I can change in order to increase my weight loss each week?

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