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GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
12/21/13 11:44 P

That's the spirit, keep doing the right thing. You are developing good habits. The weight loss will come.

LOVINGLIFE45 Posts: 209
12/7/13 6:50 P

Day 7 of my exercise streak. And tomorrow is my first weigh in. I wont be discouraged if I haven't reached my 3 lb. weight loss for the week. And I won't give up. emoticon

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
12/15/12 5:20 P

Along the way I am gradually changing some of my habits relating to exercise. I am learning a lot about healthy eating, and I am rethinking the wisdom of dieting emoticon

JANDLP SparkPoints: (110,432)
Fitness Minutes: (145,800)
Posts: 238
12/15/12 6:11 A

It is a slow process......but we'll worth it by the end, I'm sure......

I'm not there yet, but have come a long way......

And I hope that everyone watches the HBO documentary "weight of the nation" because it was an eye opener for me!

KONRAD695 SparkPoints: (140,811)
Fitness Minutes: (81,968)
Posts: 723
12/13/12 12:13 A

I have some friends who have been at this a long time. They went from overweight, to healthy looking, to thin, and then to amazing fit. Not one sprinted, and not one ever quit. emoticon

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
12/12/12 9:24 P

I totally agree, the race is won by those who persevere to the end

12/6/12 6:07 A

wow, the response to this is just overwhelming,no time to read all of them,thanks everyone

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,587
5/30/12 1:05 P

go to YOUTUBE and watch the HBO documentary which has four one hour parts, "THE WEIGHT OF THE NATION." It is well worth it.

5/29/12 2:16 P

howdy partners....weight loss seems slower that weight gain,and harder to achieve,but it is working for me just not fast seems to me that all americans have got to change their lifestyles,and get it in their heads the new way of thinking....the old school of american
ways of thinking is that bigger is better,cars, houses,toys, yards,food, etc... this epidemic is out of proportion so bad here in the realistic is slowly becoming the norm....and about time.....we really do not need a triple decker quarter pounder with cheese,and smothered in bacon and fattening sauces, or super size fries enough to feed a family of 4,or a big heating bill,or a gas guzzler automobile...smaller is better,and more often, and still less intake is better at the end of the day,and seems to help metabolism when it comes to eating.
so, less more often and slow and easy wins the race....hope you all had a fine holiday,without overindulging too much,and i also hope your weight loss journey is successful.
slow and easy, it works for me, and will for you too........JOHN

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