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MUSLIMAH_AK Posts: 406
2/21/11 2:36 P

yeah - that wouldn't work for my kidz at all. they're way tooo motivated by food, they would all have temper tantrums at the same time.

I recently switched out their light bulbs fors ones that ran out of batteries. so, its getting better.

SLIMTINK2 Posts: 45
2/20/11 5:16 A

I'm not sure if it'll work with your children - but I use the "smartie trick". Smarties are like M&M's, I think. Put 4 smarties in a bottle for each child - one that they can see into, but can't open or break. Every time you have to go into their room to quieten them down / put the light off, eat a sweet. Or pretend to. Make really yummy sweetie noises so that the kids think it was the best sweet ever invented. Whatever is left in the bottle the next morning they can eat. Probably not the best advice for a weight loss page, but 4 sweeties vs no sleep? I'll take the sweeties! Make sure that there are few enough that the kids can count them, and know when there is one less. I normally do this for about a week, just to get them into the habit of sleeping, and then "forget" until the kids are playing up again. THey're 6 and 3 years old. GOOD LUCK!

MUSLIMAH_AK Posts: 406
2/19/11 6:09 P

ok thanx will have o try it

GQCC78387 Posts: 58
2/19/11 5:10 P

Well, I have two kids and I have them go to their rooms and just lay down until they fall asleep. I tell them that need to stay in their beds and to stay in their rooms. They can have two or three toys that they can play with on their bed and that's it. And, what I do about getting some sleep myself, I usually take half of an Ambien, which you would need a prescription for, and some type of PM medication, such as Tylenol PM or Motrin PM. I sleep so good at night. I hope that this helps somewhat. Good luck!!

MUSLIMAH_AK Posts: 406
2/19/11 3:43 P

okay, I don't know if this is the right place to post this - but does anyone have any advice of good sleeping hygiene for the adults. and possibly my kidz. my kidz are sleeping later, because they won't let the light bulb alone and I have to have a light bulb in there because of housing. I'm waiting for any light bulb in the house to turn off so I can switch it out. but lateley, my kidz keep on getting up and down after bedtime . I guess I should mention that they have autism.

so me and my husband sleep on a futon in the living room and i'm just having serious sleep issues. I think I would feel much better if I could get more like 10 to 12 hours of sleep until my body heals and I need less, god willing

would love so super sp advice.


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