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5/4/12 11:02 A

Eager to learn more! emoticon

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5/4/12 10:48 A

can't wait to see the show

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5/2/12 5:22 P

I am a producer on a national daytime talk show. I am working on a story about people with sleep eating disorders. We are taping the show on Tues. May 8th in NYC. The show will provide airfare, hotel, meal per diems and car transportation in NYC. Please contact me asap 212-275-8936 or email me at

ADRIA198328 Posts: 5
11/17/11 8:07 A

Julie, i do the same exact thing. I will do good throughout the day but it all goes to waste when i wake up in the middle of the night and eat while i'm half asleep. I tell myself i'm not going to do it tonight but then the night comes and it's like i can't control it. I don't know what to do because i'm never going to lose weight while this is continuing. Any suggestions or advice. I actually find this problem really embarassing but it's gotten to the point where i need to ask for help. I'm not eating tons of food but it's enough to throw me off course. I've tried sleeping pills and they help me fall asleep but nothing works to keep me asleep throughout the night so that i don't get up and go to the kitchen. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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7/30/11 12:04 A

We are here for you. Good Luck

JKWETZSTEIN SparkPoints: (11,946)
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7/28/11 8:04 P

My husband is a little bit of a sleep eater too! It is the craziest thing to see. We resort to not having junk food for him to eat when he is half asleep only the healthier stuff. I am sorry that you have to deal with this. I know it is tough. Hang in there, and I wish you well.

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6/30/11 12:27 P

Well I appreciate your reply. I looked into the Doc Oz stuff it helped a little. I will have to talk to my doc at my next appt. I have MS and this may be somthing acting up that I did not know was even there. I hope this gets better soon.

Thanks again for the support
Julie emoticon

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
6/30/11 8:16 A

First of all, you aren't alone in this. Both Dr. Phil and Oprah have featured it in their television shows:

Dr. Phil:

Oprah's interview with Dr. Oz:

There is some very interesting information in these, and some possible suggestions for you to try (especially in the Dr. Oz one).

I also went to the Dr. Oz site, and found this article:<

I hope that you can find some help in some of these resources. Are you in contact with your doctor about this?

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6/29/11 6:25 A

HELP...I was doing so good on my plan, I lost 50 pounds and the all came to a screeching halt. The past month I lost not a pound and to topit off I am sleep eating. I know this is the cause of the issue. I do so well watching what I am eating all day long and follow my plan to the T, I get my sweat on and then I fall asleep but by oh say 2 hours into a good rest I wake for no reason and eat. I not only eat food but it's all the junk my son and husband can eat. I can't stop either, I tried...Sleeping pills aren't helping and stuff of the like. I am getting discouraged since I am now behind my long term goal and I have fallen behind my weekly tracking goal. I don't want to stop losing. I was doing so well. I still have 150 lbs to lose and I am getting scared this won't happen if this keeps up. please, please, please...

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