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JTUR8768 Posts: 92
10/4/13 9:11 A

Thanks Ladies

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9/11/13 12:14 A

Avocado has BOTH Good Fat and Fiber! emoticon
And there are good fats from Olive Oil and Nuts; and Fiber from Oatmeal, Raspberries and Blackberries....

That's a really good start anyway!!

9/10/13 3:50 P

Good sources of fiber are vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains (like brown rice). I would argue that there are no "bad" fats but some fats that you can eat more of, usually those derived from plants or fish rather than land animals.

Here is an article that covers fiber

JTUR8768 Posts: 92
9/10/13 2:40 P

thanks every body. What are good fats, and good sources of fiber?

8/30/13 8:52 A

Here is my rule of thumb about supplements, if they mention detoxification run away. Anything that promises to solve your problems and be easy? Run away. Anything that promises spot reduction? Run away.

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8/30/13 2:01 A

There are a few of my facebook friends that heavily promote this. It is expensive. Think of the same amount of whole fruits and veggies with fiber one could buy instead. That would be real food with fiber and nourishment.

That said, if you do need to to take a fiber supplement for whatever reason or you just want to see how it works for you, your drugstore likely has such supplements available that would be much cheaper to try out and not involve a middleman. or waiting.

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8/29/13 7:46 P

If you need more fiber in your diet, eat more whole foods that contain it. Highly processed supplemental fiber is about the least healthy and efficient way to get it.

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8/29/13 7:43 P

No. Changing my diet, counting calories and exercising is what worked for me. I went from 165 lbs to 107 lbs in 7-8 months. Supplements/diet pills are at best a band-aid solution for weight loss and at worse, detrimental to your health. I am weary of any gimmick that claims to make weight loss "easy". Getting the weight off is one thing, learning how to keep it off is quite another.

If it's satiety you're worried about; then learn how to eat healthy and balanced. That means lots of veg, fruit, legumes/lentils, whole grains, healthy fats and lean protein. Limit your intake of foods high in added sugar/highly processed foods. Choose whole, clean foods.

JTUR8768 Posts: 92
8/29/13 6:52 P

Has anyone tried this? Not the skinny fiber you get on amazon but the skinny fiber you have to purchase threw a distributor. If you have, did it work for you?

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