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6/4/14 4:36 P

I also need to quit... any thoughts on smoking-cessation drugs like Chantix?

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6/4/14 3:40 P

Congratulations on your weight loss!! YAY!
Re smoking: The gal who told you to cut straws and inhale through them is really onto something...most smokers don't give themselves time to breathe, except on smoke breaks.
Take a "breathing break" at the same time you would take a smoke break, but not in the same place (the smell of smoke still makes me want to light up every once in a while).
Sugarless gum is good, in moderation. I have been smoke-free for over 20 years now. It's really much better. Your skin will thank you!!

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6/4/14 3:34 P

Congratulations on the weight loss, and best of luck with the smoking.

You can do this!

MSFROGGIE Posts: 3,055
6/4/14 3:22 P

congrats on the weight loss!!

Have you tried the patch? That helps some people.

How about the e-cigarettes?

It's an addiction, and your body will fight you every step of the way. Will keep you in my prayers!!

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,134
6/4/14 3:12 P

All these tips are good, but who knows which ones will work for you, try them all, I suppose. Remember that smoking gives your face wrinkles, so if you have wrinkles on your face, you will have to afford a facelift, too............

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
6/4/14 2:10 P

Almost every state has a smoking cessation program. If you google "quit smoking" and the name of your state, you can probably get some good information on different approaches. If you work for a large company, try contacting your HR department, too. Some companies will actually pay you a bonus and/or reduce your share of your health insurance cost if you quit. Even if you pay for your own insurance 100%, you'll get a price cut when you quit, so you maybe that can help motivate you.

And another motivation to keep in mind is that if you're successful at quitting, you might not need the surgery! Smoking reduces skin elasticity (that's why smokers tend to look older.) I don't know if the effect is enough to completely eliminate the need for surgery, but I bet at least it will make the surgery simpler (which is probably part of the reason they told you to do it.)

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6/4/14 9:08 A

I quit cold turkey and it's really the only way to go- No matter how many quit programs and tricks I tries - it came down to three days of sweating and withdrawals.

Water- water-water drinks as much as you can and spend as much time in water as you can. Swimming, baths, soaking. You can't smoke in water.

I also cut straws the length of a cigarette because the habit is as hard as the nicotine with drawal. So I would inhale air from my straw cigarette, hold it and exhale.

Good luck - it's been 15 years for me, smoke free and I still have occasional cravings, but I know I will never pick up another cigarette in my life.

Hey - congratulations on your weight loss.

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6/4/14 9:03 A

I have never been a smoker but I do chew a lot of gum since I gave up my drug of choice: overeating. I am sometimes embarrassed by how much sugarless gum I chew in a day and even tell myself I should cut down or quit that. But then I remember that a full pack of it has 75 calories if I chew the whole pack in a day I am still WAY AHEAD, if I had chosen to eat some cookies, cake, or pie instead of all that gum. It keeps a taste in my mouth and my jaws moving so I find it quite satisfying. I chew the gum when sitting home alone working on my computer. I don't need it so much when I'm out and about and physically active.

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6/4/14 7:11 A

No what?

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6/4/14 5:41 A


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6/4/14 12:50 A

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGRATS! You must be so excited.

... I have no tips on how to stop smoking cigs. I just quit cold turkey and watched a lot of videos of people dying from smoking too much. Yep.

And my partner hates it and is asthmatic. That kinda of made me stop, too.

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6/4/14 12:37 A

Good Luck to you , I will be going through the same thing next year and I am very doubtful I will ever quit smoking. I have tried numerous times and failed, but hopefully you are a much stronger person than I. emoticon

JEEP8294 Posts: 4,591
6/3/14 9:35 P

I've quit cold turkey a couple of times in my life and it is hard. You really have to change your habits just as you have with losing the weight. I liked to smoke while watching tv. Now a days I don't watch as much tv because it reminds me of smoking. Try exchanging your smoking habit with a new healthy habit. Everytime you want a smoke hop on a treadmill for 5 min/go for a walk/walk up and down your stairs, etc......about the amount of time you would have smoked. Eventually the cravings will lessen. They may never go away completely but they do lessen. Good luck and congrats on your weight loss :)

6/3/14 4:26 P

I can't imagine how tough it is to quite smoking. I have heard people go through withdrawal when they quit smoking. The only thing I could say is to remind yourself you are worth it and if you lost all the weight you did, you can do this too. Good luck. emoticon

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
6/3/14 4:23 P

First, congrats on the weight loss. Amazing job!

Second, congrats on quitting smoking and realizing how important it is for your surgical recovery. Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things I ever did, and I did it 3 times. Just keep yourself distracted as much as possible. Avoid triggers if possible. I use to always light up at 2 specific spots on my daily commute, so while I was trying to quit, I started to drive to work a different way. I chewed a lot of gum. I unfortunately, also ate a lot more, and after losing 106 pounds myself, I ended up gaining back quit a bit and now am trying to lose it all again, but at least this time I'm a non-smoker.

Good luck! You can do this!

NAY7496 Posts: 76
6/3/14 4:01 P

Im about to get my skin removed after losing 103 lbs. (I have the lap band). I have to quit smoking, which I know is a good thing, but I am going crazy. Any ideas on how to help the cravings? The food thing was hard enough 4 years ago...this is like starting all over ago lol.

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