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Whether the skin bounces back depends on a lot of factors, including your age (skin loses its elasticity as we age), genetics, how fast you lose the weight. Losing at slower rate allows the skin more time to shrink. Working out with weights helps tone the underlying muscles and can help with the appearance of the skin.

There are people who lose all the weight, and then it can take a year for their skin to "catch up". Even when I was a lot younger-- after I had my kids, it took a while for the skin to go back the way it was, it didn't just snap back into place. So I think you need to be patient. Everybody's experience can be different-- some have no problems with it, some do.

The bottom line is-- would it not be better to maybe have some saggy skin and be healthy, than have a bunch of fat filling out your skin? Would you rather die younger and fluffier looking, or be healthier and live longer?

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Hi.. I dont post much, but I read much!!
My new, improved healthy life is going great but.....the one thing that i am disappointed about is that my skin isnt shrinking at the same rate as my muscles...
I know that as we get older, the skin doesn't bounce back as quick, but will it ever?
this might sound vain, but i don't want to get a healthy body, in exchange for saggy unattractive skin..

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