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6/3/13 1:24 P

The problem is the diet, not you. :)

Dieting doesn't work; if it did, you'd be thin, and you wouldn't be here! Diets involve deprivation and denial, restrictions and shortchanging yourself. What you need is a lifestyle change. Embrace the Sparkpeople philosophy, and start making small, sustainable changes to everyday living. If you change your entire diet and start an aggressive exercise routine, you find that you burn out easily.

Sparkpeople has an article that really changed how I perceived weight loss.

I started my journey here by mixing my pasta half whole wheat, half regular, because I hated whole wheat and didn't like the texture, but could handle half a serving. From t here, I built up. Instead of having half a pizza, I had three pieces. Mixed my soda half diet and half regular until I liked the taste of diet. Started drinking more water.

And most importantly... I tracked my nutrition. Not guessing, but really weighing, measuring and tracking. Knowing what you're eating is the key to all of this. How do you know what small, sustainable changes to make unless you know exactly what you're eating? I've seen too many people here talk about "watching what they're eating" - you can still overeat, even on healthy stuff! Hummus isn't healthy if you consume an entire container in a day along with a bag of pita chips.

6/3/13 12:51 P

Hey girl! I am a single mother of 3 and I totally get where you are coming from. For me the main thing that has helped me is writing in my journal. At first it was a food journal, but then transformed into a life journal. Every day I make goals for the day. I try to keep it simple and not go all crazy. Typically I make goals for every area of my life: health, family, work, etc. I evaluate the previous day if I didn't have time to journal the night before. I right down my triumphs and were I was lacking and make a plan to be better that day. It not only helped with my weight loss but also helped me as a single parent. When I would get down or emotionally out of control, I would go back and read through my journal pages and I would be inspired by my own success. The hard part was remembering to go and read my journal when I was going nuts, so I wrote on sticky notes to remind myself :)

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5/20/13 3:03 P

I have been where you are many times in my life. I think the first thing that you have to figure out is why are you wanting to lose weight? Is it for you? Or is it for someone else? The only time it will truly work is if you are doing this for you. People can give you support and motivation, but in the end you have to want to do it for you. The squatting and the ab challenges are great. The way I am working out is walking. You will be really surprised how much walking can challenge your mind and body.

You are off to a great start, don't give up, no matter how many times you have to try, and when you are ready to make a life style change, not just diet, it will happen and we will be here to support you along the way. Many spark users have tried several times also, I know I have this is the 3rd time I have been on spark.

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5/19/13 9:43 P

hi, im a single mother of 2, a student and part time waitress. im going through a lot emotionally and im an emotional eater. I'm a little overweight. i keep trying to lose weight and cant seem to stick to anything. i start working out and watching what i eat, but things always start to get to me.i break down and start eating. i can stay on a diet for a week or 2 but then it all crashes down on me. someone please give me some ideas.

i've been doing squats everyday and the abs challenge. i drink a lot of water and not really anything other. my weaknesses are bread and potatoes. i just dont know what to do anymore.

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