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6/30/11 8:55 A

I walk at 4 mph, so I track mine. If I am out for a stroll or walking around work at a slower pace I don't track it, although it is beneficial to me.

6/30/11 12:00 A

you are a source of wisdom and inspiration, Paul

I have a sense of what cardio zone is, without measuring anything:

1] walking Really fast
2] walking kinda fast with a backpack or a sack of groceries
3] walking uphill
4] walking in 3 ft of surf or really soft sand
5] walking kinda fast while holding my arms over my head
6] walking above 5,000 ft elevation
7] walking with 10 lb ankle weights
8] walking with my mom's doberman Bella on a leash [she's a puller]
9] walking while singing really loudly and air drumming
10] walking fast in Really Really tight pants

I downloaded an iphone pedometer called .. Pedometer
I can see that counting steps is different than fitness walking
I'll play with this some and see if anything interesting pops up

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6/29/11 10:00 P

Paul. I think there is some guidance on this topic somewhere on this site. If I recall correctly, the guidance was to count thenwalking minutes if both ofnthenconditions are met.

1. Your heart rate is elevated into the cardionzone from the effort of walking
2. Duration of walk session is more than 10 minutes.

6/29/11 7:15 P

yeah, I considered pedometer
seems like I carry enough stuff around with me already
not willing to do another gizmo
but I understand your interest

I'm looking for an iphone app now, maybe that's a good workaround

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6/29/11 6:02 P

Spiritual disclaimer, "I'm not your mother".

Now on the to subject at hand.

I have a service job, not unlike your in the respect of level of activity. When you say about being in mills I assume you are some type of inspector or estimator or similar work. I actually do a fair amount of light to medium mechanical repair or installation. I also am working at bringing my HBP under control.

I use an OMRON BP monitor with downloadable software. I also started tracking the steps in my day with a pedometer with the goal of increasing my activity. To do so I use the OMRON HJ720ITC pedometer because it can upload to the PC via the same software used by the BP monitor.

I also joined an Spark Team that has as a team goal to increase my activity. I set up "Walking" as a goal to my fitness tracker which then picks up the information and adds it o my team goal.

The first month I set a guestimate of how many mile I would average based on a weeks pedometer reading and then set a "increase".

Decrease calories, increase activity. That does not mean "join a gym"... although I am not opposed to gyms.

But I am not going from coach potato to Olympic training in one month. I don't thing any one ever does.

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6/29/11 2:40 P

fitness tracking walking ?

hey, guys ..

I’m not sure whether or not to fitness-track Walking ..
sometimes I go for walks, sure .. I like to walk ..
and I know other people walk for fitness ..

1] its JUST walking, and
2] I sometimes walk for Hours at work, on my feet, moving from one place to the next, either in the mills I visit or traveling as part of the job, ..

really a 2 part question:
whether to track, and
if so, how to count the minutes if I’m walking for hours during the day

happy to get some feedback,
and yes, I know, I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT ..
I don’t need spiritual permission, thank you very much ..

I’m looking for strategic logic for how best to work a spark program


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