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5/16/13 11:19 A

OH actually I wonder if they overestimate when you select your activity per week? I used it just to calculate my BMR so maybe that's what's off?

JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,321)
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5/16/13 11:17 A

Really?! That's so weird! For me it's the same as every other site? But if I type in my estimated body fat percentage it makes it even lower by 100. Who knows!! Wish I could afford to go get my BMR actually figured by an expert!

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
5/15/13 4:00 P

I like that site but it estimates my calories way too high

JAMIE68117 SparkPoints: (4,321)
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5/14/13 10:10 P

Not sure if you're still looking for advice here, as the post from a couple months ago, BUT- keep in mind that different BMR calculators do their math differently. A true BMR would be what your body would burn just laying in bed all day. Some calculators take into account your level of activity- and that's not a true BMR.

If you use one of those calculators and say you're "sedentary"- eating that number of calories could help you lose weight. But if you enter in, "lightly active"- those calories that show up are going to be what you need to maintain.

I personally just calculate it as if I'm "sedentary", then try to guesstimate how many calories I burn doing other random activities. Some days I'm in class and doing homework all day- and other days I'm outside working in the garden for a few hours at a time, or on the treadmill for an hour! I figure as long as I'm eating my true BMR (well, as close as the calculators are able to estimate!), and not feeling hungry or not energized, I am eating enough. Usually my BMR is what I eat when I eat mindfully and count calories anyway- so it feels like a good number for me. :) But if I have an intense workout and eat a little more- I feel like that's not gonna hurt me.

If you go to the "advanced" settings on this calculator-

You can type in your body fat percentage, so it gives you a more accurate BMR. :) Otherwise it can tend to overestimate I've heard.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
2/26/13 3:42 P

BMR will include housework and daily activities. So if you are burning 2000 calories, and doing no exercise, if you eat 2000 calories, you will maintain.

You simply need to add your BMR to what you burn in exercise daily, and then get a 500 calorie deficit to lose 1 lb a week.

So if you burn 150 calories with yoga a day, plus your BMR, you can maintain at 2150, so a calorie consumption of 1650 a day, would result in a 1 lb loss theoretically.

My BMR is 2000 calories, and I burn 500-600 calories, so I eat about 2200, and lose a lb every 7-10 days, because I have a 300-400 calorie deficit. I eat over my BMR, but only because I work out 75-90 minutes a day walking. Most people eat under their BMR, since they don't burn 500 every day.My Sparkrange is 2,120-2,470, so SP is very accurate. I would just enter how many calories you burn on the Start page, and get a range from SP. If you follow it, you will lose weight. They calculate all this for you.

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2/26/13 3:02 P

You don't have to go cold turkey; it may actually be less of a shock to your body to gradually cut back over the course of a few weeks and improve quality at the same time. Honestly, I was right there with you; eating half a pizza was child's play... that I wasn't 400 lbs is a true miracle.

You don't have to eat your BMR because that may be too little, especially if you're exercising. If I ate my resting BMR (1600 or so) I would starve... I exercise a lot, and need to support that.

Instead of worrying about your BMR, enter your height, weight, and activity level (calories burned through exercise weekly) in your tracker setup here, and use the Sparkpeople range it provides.

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2/26/13 2:56 P

IM still confused thouhg. If Im used to eating liuke 300-500 calories a day(I was moritified to see that many of our meals were breakign down to over 2100 calories each!!) Wouldnt eating 1800 calories a day suddenly make me dop som weight while I get used to not eating half a pizza and chips and hot wings? Then once we break through the habit of eating wrong lower my calories again in a few weeks? My BMR is 1870 going from eating that at one meal to eating it all day is hard. I know I can do it I have done it before! Just dont want to take away so many calories so fast that it is counter productive. Going cold turkey I guess..I mean I was really bad for a while there..eating whole bags of chips, pound bags of candies and yes I could easliy devour 4 slices of extra cheese and bacon pizza plus 8 hot wings (with blue cheese) and soda and then eat another meal of the same magnitude with in 5 hours.. (over half a bucket of extra fried chicken and all the family side sides to my self...depression and stagnation are evil) So to begin slow and start with the BMR at first makes sence to me..Not arguing you guys may know a lot more than me! Thats why Im here! :)

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/26/13 11:15 A

No, you do not eat your BMR. Your BMR is just the amount of calories your body burns doing every day activities.

Here's how Sparkpeople determines your range:

Set your fitness goals to zero, set a reasonable weight loss goal (about 3% of your remaining goal, so 1-2 lbs per weeks for you for now) and eat within the range that Sparkpeople gives you.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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2/26/13 11:05 A

my suggestion is to plug your info into Spark and get a calorie range. I think that will be your best bet. Given the weight on your ticker, you are close to where I was at one point and it was suggested I eat between 1200-1500 calories per day.

RSLIPPERS SparkPoints: (827)
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2/26/13 10:58 A

just bumping this because It was late when I posted it, need some advise. Still lookin for a buddy too!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,302
2/26/13 7:41 A

for people with little weight to lose, eating your bmr is important. for people with a lot of weight to lose, it's less important to eat your bmr because bmr is for maintaining where you are now and you want to be significantly less than what you are now.

DOUGLYE Posts: 1,541
2/26/13 3:35 A

Your BMR should be what you need to maintain - without exercise.
My BMR was over 2100 when I started getting serious. I went on a reduced caloric intake of 1500 calories + exercise and I lost over 62 pounds now.

My son had a brain tumour removed 2 years ago, suffers from neuropathic pain in his left arm and leg, just started having focal seizures about 2 months ago, can only walk with the use of a cane, is in constant pain. He started doing limited exercise in the fall of 2012, but for the past 2 months has not been able to do any exercise. He has lost over 50 pounds with watching how much food goes past the teeth.

It is all doable. How much do you want it? Can you say no to emotional eating, boredom eating and old habits. Can you do portion control. If you can, you will be successful. Get some accountability. Get some support and establish your short term goals.

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2/25/13 11:14 P

Ok so a little back ground. I have some physical limitations due to a back injury. I have pinched nerves in several locations. My dr does not want me to work hard enough to break a sweat, lift over 10 pounds or do any repetitive motions. Basically I am allowed to do light yoga, light house work and rest. (not so easy with a 2 year old in my care lol..but I do my very very best to follow orders, I have seen what happens when I dont) He also wants me to lose 80 pounds. So I get that I need to be eating very light. I unfortunatly lost my health coverage so i cannot get any more advise...on my own here! I have been told I shodl eat my BMR by many many people...Today i did day one..and Im about 100 under my BMR. Will i be able to lose weight doing this? I feel satisfied..and its a vast imprvment over the 3000+ calories a day I was eatign due to my depression from my injury. YAY!! Please feel free to message me too!

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