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1/11/13 9:08 P

That being the case Gary, take some time off ice and see how you feel after a week. If the pain goes away it may be just shin splints. If not, you may want to get it checked out. Take care, buddy!

Coach Nancy

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1/11/13 9:04 P

Thanks Nancy.
One thing to clarify. I am a long term runner, but for unrelated health issues, have only run a few minutes in the last 9 months.

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1/11/13 8:48 P


When a long-time runner develops shin pain, this is even more reason to contact your doctor, especially if you have localized pain. Of course conventional x-rays will not show a stress fx until calcification of the bone has begun, otherwise an MRI or DEX-A scan is the diagnosis of choice.

Be well!

Coach Nancy

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1/11/13 8:01 P

It would be difficult for us to tell without a physical examination. I would think that would be a good question for your doctor. With shin splints, it's best to be sure. I had mine checked out, because a shin splint can easily turn into a stress fracture.

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1/11/13 7:44 P

In the Runners World video they refer to shin splints being inside the lower leg, on the front of the bone or on the outside of the leg just beneath the knee.
My leg hurts on the outside of the bone about half way between the knee and the ankle. A length of about 6".
Does anyone know if this would still likely be considered shin splints and therefore I should follow the same treatment options?

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1/11/13 9:55 A

It depends on how badly you hurt yourself. I've had shin splints last a few days, but I've also been on crutches for two weeks. Definitely do not continue running when you have shin splints, or you'll end up barely being able to walk.

Other people will disagree with me but you don't need custom-fit shoes to avoid shin splints. My father bought me a pair of running shoes as a gift out of the blue, and they're perfect. I've only had shin splints once or twice since switching and that was after putting some serious miles in a day.

Most of the time RICE will help -- rest,ice, compress (wrap with a tensor bandage), elevate. I find that icy hot and wrapping works better for my shin splints.

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1/11/13 9:34 A

Hi Patti,

Shin splints can either be bone related or muscle related--and depending on the type you have will determine the treatment.

And because we really don't know what causes them--everything from shoes to our running surface has been blamed, but there is really no proof that any of these things cause them.

According to the data, we do know that women are 2-3 times more likely than men to get them and that shin splints tend to be more prevalent in new runners

The new theory is believed that they are caused "from repeated stress to the bone during running, caused not by straight-on impact, but a slight bending of the bone when it is loaded." John Davis

Building up the muscles, bones and connective tissues is one sure way to help, but also shortening your stride--in other words do not reach too far out in front of you with your lead leg so that you land in front of your body's center of gravity. You want to land just below your hips.

This is going to take time. This is why it is very important as a new runner not to run daily and to allow some time to build up the muscles and connective tissues in order to run. Exercises such as towel scrunches, marble picks, alphabet traces, toe walks and heel walks as well as calf strengthening exercises may help.

Lastly, you do not want to run with shin pain. The reason--many times shin splints can be a more serious condition known as a stress fracture, therefore, running through pain may be creating a bigger problem.

Rest, ice, elevate and compress.


Coach Nancy

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1/11/13 7:11 A

Try the Spark article Tips and Hints to Deal With Shin Splints at

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1/11/13 12:27 A

Definately get better shoes or even insoles, but good ones not dr scholls :) Find out your foot type at any website discussing shin splints/high arches/insoles....I had nasty shin splints when I started running again and then I researched to find a cheap solution.

I discovered I had high arches, a common problem for shin splint sufferers, and then got new shoes for my foot type and insoles from roadrunner sports. The first day I ran in my new shoes it was a night and day difference. Before the new shoes I could barely walk home after I went for a short run because the pain was so intense and id cover both shins in ice bags.

Good luck!

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1/11/13 12:19 A

Until you rest long enough, get properly fitting shoes, or correct your running form. :) They don't go away unless you solve the problem causing them. You can treat them short term with rest and ice. After that, prevention is key.

Runner's World has a fabulous video that explains the causes and cures:

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1/10/13 11:16 P

how long do these last?

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