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10/28/11 5:42 P

My little boy Co sleeps. And he is 2 he feeds from the breast all night and I'm soooooo tired, I was thinking of trying to introduce a new comforter but have no idea where to start. I completely sympathise with you post. You just want them to be happy and contented but its so hard to figure out what's right.

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10/25/11 12:35 A

I feel really compelled to add this.. The sugars in the milk can cause cavities. It is recommended that babies and children aren't given milk before or during sleep; they should have the teeth brushed (gums for babies) before bed, and after that nothing but water should be given. It can be very serious; children can lose a lot of teeth that way and they won't get them back for years when the adult ones come in.

As for the waking issue, my son is 2 and co-slept with us until about a month ago. He now goes to sleep in his own bed, but still wakes up throughout the night. He usually comes in our bed, and I love that! :) I know not everyone feels the same way about family beds, but they will grow out of it when they're ready. He most recently comes to wake us and ask for us to put him back to sleep in his own bed. I'm taking advantages of the snuggles for now! emoticon

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10/10/11 7:21 P

My son is 4 and he goes though stages of coming into bed with us. My husband and I don't have a problem with it and figure he'll out grow it soon enough (we're currently on a 2 week on 2 week off "schedule"). But if you have a problem with it then you need to consistently return her to her room when she comes in. Also, if she's asking for milk she could just be hungry...when my son asks for milk in the middle of the night it's always during a growth spurt. Maybe you could give her milk before bed to help tide her over to morning?

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10/10/11 5:58 P

I used to just let them in the bed & go back to sleep. They grow out of it.

10/6/11 12:11 P

my daughter did this till she was 6 and she is 6 she stopped three months ago when my boyfriend (who loves athena sooo much..she is his princess) said NO MORE he said he would leave me If I let her walk all over me and it was hard and you just had to get up and put her back to bed and be tough BUT it is for the best life has gotten sooooo much better

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10/6/11 10:07 A

Consistency, keep taking her back to her bed explaining that she is a big girl who sleeps in her own bed.

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10/4/11 3:14 P

I feel ya mama, I have the same problem except it's my 4 and 2 yr old lol. My 2 yr old is actually better at staying in bed, my 4 yr old sleep walks. I take them back to bed up to 5 times a night. It is exhausting so I usually don't keep at it. I bought a king size bed instead lol. So no advice from me just thought I'd let you know you are not alone emoticon

10/4/11 6:11 A

thank you for the answers, i know that the right method is to take her back to her bed and all of that but is difficult because of her brother, i will try to do that sundays and Saturday's for a start

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10/3/11 4:13 P

You may have to wait until a weekend when your school-aged son can either 'camp out' in another room or spend the night at a friend's house. When your daughter wakes up, you carry her back to her room, settle her down for a minute and tell her she needs to sleep in her bed. Then go back to your room. This may be repeated several times, so make sure it's not a weekend where you have a lot going on. No drinks of water, no 'snuggling for a minute', etc. It worked for us when ours were babies... and it will work for toddlers too.

Here's a longer article that spells it out in more detail...

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10/3/11 4:05 P

I would talk to her doctor about possibly prescribing melatonin. Your body produces it naturally to induce sleep, but it sounds like her little body may not be making enough to keep her asleep.

10/3/11 2:31 A

hi i have a problem mith my daughter and i don't know what to do. she go to sleep and then at 2:00 she comes to our bedroom to sleep or to ask for a milk, i stopped give her milk again but she comes and sleep with us. If i leave to her room because crying awake her brother who sleeps in the same room and have school in the morning. What can i do? she is 2 years old and
wakes up in the evenings from baby. emoticon

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