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3/4/12 5:51 P

Thanks for answering my post i was trying to do work outs five days ones i cut them to three days i a work out from Spark i forgot we need to take rest days
thank you so much for answering me on the week end

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3/4/12 5:07 P

Hi Fran,

I'm not too sure what you are trying to say.

Below is a link to steps to track your own workouts.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

SPARKFRAN514 Posts: 52,875
3/3/12 11:33 P

I how do you figure out what days you can do what on the tracker so far every plan I have checked tells me I can't do it that way so I gave up and do my own thing and just record my work out information on Spark America page but would like to user the tracker. on Spark people.
thank you for any help any one has for me!

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