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2/10/10 9:28 P

You can use Google to do a quick and easy translation between grams and ounces, or between two of 'most any meaningful measurement. But "serving" is not useful. When I am entering foods I try to stay away from it.

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2/9/10 8:22 P

Food that comes up used by members is great because it saves time, however as the last poster pointed out, what the heck is a serving worth? It would be helpful if the amount could be posted in the name of the product line. For example I will use tuna, in the food name I would say PC TUNA 1/2 cup, 125 grams. then I would pick i serving, then do the breakdown. When it's just listed as tuna, then 1 serving, it's not very helpful. I know we posters are responsible for that part of the food tracker but maybe it could be added on somewhere as a direction or tip on how to post food values.

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2/7/10 7:00 A

Thanks for your feedback! The majority of our foods in the database come from the USDA (which is why the measurements are what they are.) But I will pass along your request and comments.


Coach Jen

ZORGLUBB Posts: 347
2/7/10 4:43 A

Hi hi, I would like to make a suggestion to the food tracker. I am not American and this serving thing is completely useless to me (I can see the usefulness of servings but I have no sense of what a serving is). Where I come from we think in 100g portions, so I can easily visualise what 100g is in most foods.
For some foods in the Spark database I can choose to add it by serving or by unit or by 100g, but for many foods there is only the serving. This means that I have to guess (often wildly inaccurately) what a serving is or go and look manually for each food and see how many times 100g the serving is (which I dont do, I make the guess instead). As the serving size information is already put into the food info (just not presented when adding food), would it not be possible to automatically convert any food into both serving and ounces and grams? The calculation would only need to be done once in the database per food added, and it would make it easier for Americans and Europeans to share recipes.

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