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ITTOSAN Posts: 85
3/31/12 2:11 P

Thanks, Terri. Going through days as "the new me", however positive it is can also feel very strange and odd. Unfamiliar. Not giving in to cravings whenever you want. Just living with the feeling till it passes. That is new and good, but I isn't a surprise. I know I'll be living with this strange feeling for awhile, but then, as I grow into my new self, I probably won't even notice the weird feelings. And, I'll be wearing my favorite jeans, while not noticing the odd feelings. : )

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
3/31/12 12:54 P

Good 4's important to have that on your radiar screen. I have that on mine. My issue has always been not trying to hurt myself. Not just by eating too much. it's about not working out when I need to. it's about using M&M's as comfort food. I can find so many ways to hurt me. I thought has been to hurt myself before someone else hurts me. Or why not hurt myself as I am not worth anything. So I am working on this and have come to a much better place. So good luck on this for you...........You are so worth it.............!

ITTOSAN Posts: 85
3/31/12 11:21 A

This topic was on the side of my SparkPeople page and really jumped out at me this morning. I just read all the comments and relate to ALL of them.

I have a long history of self sabotage. It always happens as soon as I get to that comfortable place where you'd think I should spend time reflecting, meditating and enjoying my accomplishment. I instantly think, OK, did it, that's done, so... I can afford to just do what ever I want now, because I'm here, at my goal weight. I really am smarter than this way of thinking. It is childish/emotional and also shows that I have a crazy fantasy place in my head that "wishes" that you could just eat whatever you want, as much as you want, with no consequences. That is fine to experience in a dream, but that isn't how our body works.
I've been noticing a difference in myself the more I spend time being in touch with the reality of what too much of the wrong sugar does to our glycemic index. I've always liked biology and appreciate nature and I don't want to abuse my body by feeding it crap. This new way of thinking is working for me. I want to be much kinder to myself.

BTW, I read in someone's website that she keeps this visual in mind and I'm going to give it a try: If you just filled you car up with a full tank of gas, would you drive to the next gas station and immediately try to put more gas in your car? No. It would be ridiculous. Let's use some common sense and get real about our bodies and our health. Time to get my head out of the clouds and know what's what.

I've been going between 135 and 153 for about 6+ years now. The ride is over! I am at 145.5lbs right now, and will keep going DOWN till I get to my ideal weight (130-135) Then, I will use my energy/will power/healthy eating/choice making/exercise to focus on MAINTAINING.

From now on, Self Sabotage is on my radar. I'm looking for it and going to be ready to nip it in the bud - everytime. I didn't take it seriously enough before. I KNOW BETTER, NOW.

Good luck everyone! You know you are on the right track if you are even spending time reading and thinking about this topic. It's worth it.

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