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MKDIQ10 Posts: 416
9/23/11 6:59 A

most gyms 16

9/21/11 3:57 P

how old do you have to be to join a gym

MKDIQ10 Posts: 416
9/18/11 9:26 A

i guess but u can do workouts in ur own house

9/18/11 8:57 A

i cant leave the house after i get home from school because i have to explain things to my student host, she doesnt like me to be out of the house for too long as she has that whole duty of care thing
I'm 14, all my nearest gyms only allow 16+ to be unsupervised.
figured as much, but i'm not quite sure how big of a deal that is since i already have a bad back and terrible posture so an aversion to exercise seems to be even more harmful right now..
although what do i know? will try to find an alternative

MKDIQ10 Posts: 416
9/18/11 8:29 A

why cant u leave the house once u get back from school? how old are u? also it will give u back problems

9/18/11 8:15 A

i plan to start some sort of fitness plan next week and i really need this, but i'm too young to join a gym and I cant leave the house once i have gotten back from school to go running.

I want to start walking home 3 times a week in order to condition myself but i'm worried my school bag (6-10kgs) is gonna give me back problems if i fastwalk with it on. will this be ok?


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