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6/26/13 9:37 A

I had a very similar worry when I started my weight loss journey and added in more exercise. I was so surprised at how much food I could eat. Even at dinner time when I am measuring out my food, I look at my plate and think "wow this is a lot of food to be eating on a diet!" But so far I have had a lot of success with this. But I think the reason why it has worked this time for me is because I am eating more to balance out the amount of exercise I am doing. Trust in the process! I promise you it works! And like I read below, if you are staying at least in the middle of your calorie range you will be fine!

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6/26/13 8:26 A

yep! I definitely need to work on being more positive and realizing that it is a long journey -- not a quick trip!

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6/26/13 8:03 A

Yea, now you are on the right track. Sounds like your head is working with you. Remember that you do actually need food for energy and energy makes for better workouts, more positive thought processes, and will help you handle stress which leads to better sleep. These are all good things. emoticon

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6/25/13 8:49 P

That thread was SO helpful. And motivating. I ate in the middle (possibly higher) end of my range today. I had more energy to complete my strength workout and don't feel a need/craving to eat.

Here's to new beginnings and healthy changes! (:

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6/25/13 1:59 P

I think this thread will help you. It's old, but it's people who started eating MORE and found they started losing weight:

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6/25/13 1:31 P

Thank you all for your suggestions. I know that I have a lot to work on mentally and take time to get over my fears. I KNOW i wont actually gain the weight if I am within my range, but I still get scared of eating at the higher end for some reason. I used to weigh myself every morning, but any fluctuation in my weight would cause me to get discouraged and binge, or not, depending on what that number said. Now, I have gotten rid of my scale completely as an effort to focus on how my clothes are fitting, rather than a number. 115 was/is my goal becuase I feel my best at that weight, but I'm trying to get over the numbers and focous on HEALTH instead.

6/25/13 11:10 A

You seem to be experiencing a lot of fear over eleven pounds. Unless you are four feet tall, those eleven pounds are not going to make a huge difference in your appearance.

My advice when it comes to not freaking out about the calorie number is to first stop freaking out about the scale number. I used to get up every morning and weigh myself. If the number was higher than one-hundred and eleven, I would burst into tears. Why that number? Who knows. It got stuck in my head.

You need to look at that 115 and ask yourself why 115. I'm guessing you are already at a healthy BMI. So, there has to be another reason for wanting to lose that last eleven pounds.

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6/25/13 10:16 A

The first thing that you might want to do is go to your doc for a complete physical with bloodwork, including a full electrolyte and vitamin panel. This will tell you if you are within normal ranges, if you have some vitamins that you need to focus on, or if there is a physical reason (beyond the huge stress of all of your recent life changes) for you feeling more sluggish than normal.

Talking with your doc might give you an idea of what nutritional items you should focus on, instead of just the calories. For instance, you might find that you need to make sure that you are getting sufficient iron, folate, B12, calcium, and potassium. If you set your tracker to follow these items, and focus your food intake to ensure that you are hitting 100% every day, then you may find that the calories naturally fall in to line for you.

The previous poster had a great suggestion with setting your goal as maintenance right now. Doing that for a while will give you some breathing room where you don't need to be worrying about losing weight, while you are learning to meet your nutritional goals.

You might also want to consider focusing more on sleep and fitness goals for a while. Stress is notorious for messing with our sleep patterns, which leads to fatigue, which can lead to binging (especially carb binging --- we want that quick energy rush!). Getting back in to an ordered sleep pattern, and getting some regular exercise, could be all that you need for your body to be comfortable with maintenance calorie intake.

Once you've gotten to a point with fitness, sleep, and nutrition levels that feel comfortable, then it might be time to take another look at losing weight. At that point, look at setting the goal as losing 2 lbs per month, so that it's just a slight calorie drop that won't cause you to feel deprived or impact your energy levels. It should be slight enough that you won't feel the pressure of the scale, either, which should make it easier to not have anxiety about it.

Congrats on graduation and on getting a new job! Remember to tell yourself how fantastic those accomplishments are, and give yourself some slack to get in to the groove of this new stage of your life!

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6/25/13 9:55 A

If you are using the calorie tracker, you should be able to figure out how much you can eat and achieve you goals without starving yourself. Do you track your binges? That can be very eye-opening. That may show you what your attempt at reducing calories is actually doing.

Deprivation is not sustainable!

Because your body mass index is probably fine, you may not want focus on the scale so much. Weight is just a number on a scale. What do you really want? To look good in your swim suit? To be less exhausted all the time? To complete a triatholon? Set your goals accordingly. You may want to set goals for your exercise. Or you may want to set nutritional goals. How many servings of vegetables do you want to eat? How much protein or vitamins or minerals do you want to get? Or you may want to set goals based on the tape measure rather than the scale.

Just something to think about.

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6/25/13 9:36 A


There's a lot of stuff going on. The first thing that strikes me is that you have to address your binge episodes. Why are you binging ? Something is triggering them. If you can determine what is causing your binges, you can decrease them and move on with your life. I know that a perfectionist outlook (attitude) can cause a person to binge. We want to be perfect, but that's impossible.

Perhaps that's a problem for you ? You're trying to be too perfect ? Remember, you don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

Are you scared to regain the weight ? That IS a valid concern. How many of us lost the weight only to regain later on ? But you know what ? even if you did regain some weight, that doesn't make you/us a bad person or an unhealthy one. Which might be part of the problem, you need to learn to cut yourself some slack. That might help with the binging. The binging might be triggered from your being too strict with your diet.

You really don't have to kill yourself to be healthy. Also, because you are at a healthy weight for your height, any extra you lose will take time. Someone who is morbidly obese could lose 1-2 pounds per week. However, with less to lose, it's going to take longer. Anyone with those last 5 pounds will tell you it's slow going.

You also have to consider whether or not your goal weight might be too strict for your body to maintain. that's another thing too many women do. They select weights which just aren't right for their frame/body. So, maybe the weight you're at right now may be more sustainable then trying to lose more weight.

Have you considered going into maint for a while ? Instead of trying to lose weight, why not maint the loss you've already had ? Take a few weeks to let your weight stabilize. once your weight has stabilized and you feel more comfortable, then you might consider losing again.

No one should be on a permanant "diet". At some point, you're going to need to eat more to maintain your weight. Don't be afraid to eat more. you will NOT gain weight as long as you are mindful of your portions and eat right to the best of your ability.

Like I said, you don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

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6/25/13 9:01 A

I know that I need to be eating more calories to keep my body out of starvation mode, but I'm scared that it will prevent me from losing the weight that I want. In the past, when I restrict my calorie intake, I end up binging 2-3x a week (which derails all motivation/progress i might have made). Also, the binges caused me to feel sluggish and as a result I would skip workouts, which then lead to anxiety. When I have graduated from school a month ago, I decided that I was going to stop my calorie restricting and lose the weight the healthy way. However, that didn't workout as I planned seeing as I got a job which left me feeling exhausted (from not being used to working 9 hour days and getting up early) and like I didn't have any time to workout anymore. I have boosted my calorie intake, however it was by too much, which is not good either.

But, starting RIGHT NOW I have made the decision that enough is enough. I need to stop talking/wishing/wanting to lose the weight and just do it. But, I'm still scared that even eating at the top range of my SP range I won't lose any weight. (I'm also trying to get back into the habit of working out at least 3-4x a week.) Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to stop freaking out about the calorie number and focus more on the nutritional value of the foods?

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