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7/11/14 10:03 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

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7/11/14 1:09 P

Remember when we were kids? Unlike today's children, we were out playing all summer long, and after school the rest of the year. I want you to focus on the playing. Kids now have every minute planned out with organized sports and other activities. Nightly homework starts as early as 1st grade, which takes away time spent playing outside and family bonding time.

When I was teaching, I refused to assign homework. My opinion was that, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to teach. I gave my class time to do assignments in class and ask questions while working on the assignments. Chances are, if one student has a question, others do. It helped them all. Occasionally, a student wouldn't get his/her schoolwork done for one reason or another and would take work home, but it was rare. I wanted after school time to be family and play time.

When I was a kid, my dad would take me on walks and hikes in the woods. We would go skeet shooting. Summer days were filled with family bike rides of 5-10 miles with a picnic as a highlight of the ride. We would go to the beach and go swimming. My sister and i would play kickball using trees for bases. We would play all kinds of games with rules being made up by consensus. There were no referees, no adults telling us that we were doing it wrong. We just had fun.

Do you remember those days? Wouldn't it be easier to get movement in if it was fun again? This is what Molly and I do a couple of days/week. We play AT racquetball. Notice I didn't say, "Play racquetball". We don't keep score. We knock the ball around, act silly and try to see how long we can keep the ball in motion. I am sure that we could win 'America's Funniest Videos' if anybody filmed us, but the fact is, we have FUN! We look forward to our gym time.

Even when we are in the cardio room, we spend it chatting and catching up. We often people watch and text each other the observations that we make. Again, we have fun!

I challenge you today, to do something fun. Skip down the road. Play catch with your grandkids (or dog). Put on a kids exercise video and wiggle your way into shape. Giggle, play and have fun. I guarantee you will look forward to your next "workout"!

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7/11/14 11:51 A

Glad to hear the family is onboard :) that is always helpful. For me, my workout is my away time. I have an old out of service phone i use for my new in service phone gets put away for that time...i use it as my me get away from it all time....and my music usually reflects that...need to pump it up and get some stress out, well turn up the beat...need to just chill, turn on some slower songs...but keep those feet moving. Then find something you do love. I happen to love to dance, so i turn the music on and go for it when i main workouts though do consist of the gym...not my all time favorite, but i know i will go because i'm paying for it...and i'm surrounded by friendly people which helps keep me motivated.

Good can do it :)

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7/11/14 10:04 A

Welcome - you can do it and if you have the support of your family you are truly blessed.

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7/11/14 7:31 A

So at a routine doctor's visit I was informed I had high blood pressure. What?! Well it shouldn't be a surprise. I am a mom of three who puts everyone's need ahead of my own. Now I must make time for myself and move my feet. After a family meeting everyone is on board and supporting me. I am very lucky. I don't have to do this alone. But now I have to do it. I hate exercising. I need motivation. Can anyone out there provide it?

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