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1/30/12 2:35 P

yeah - I live in AK, no aldis, no trader joes. just carrs/safeway, fred meyers, walmart, costco, sams club, red apple (ghetto grocery store, not as cheap as u'd think)

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1/30/12 7:52 A

If you have an Aldis near you, go there. Especially for staple items, their prices are sooo much better than those of the chain groceries.

1/28/12 11:26 P

Not sure if it is an option everywhere but this is what I did/do. I buy meat from a local farmer. It is organic and when I did the math, it was cheaper, they come vacuum sealed, I get the size roasts my family needs, so no waster. There is also a turkey farm here and I get all my turkey stuff from them, that is a litle more, but I know where it comes from. Both deliver so I save on gas. Also, alot of places have bountiful baskets, where you pay a flat fee, not sure what it is, and you get a fresh basket every week of fruits and veggies. My neighbors rave about it. If you live where you get buy fresh eggs, usually cheaper, my neighbors raise them so we get them a dollar a dozen, no gas to drive to the store and fresh. I also plant a garden every year and can. I make most of our jams. I freeze the fruit we grow and use it in the winter.

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1/22/12 7:08 P

I WOULD so shop at the walmart here that has the grocery, but its way across town. otherwise - i could save sooo much money.

DEBBY4576 Posts: 7,303
1/22/12 3:04 P

I do Walmart price matching. I write down down from each store their sale price for items I want. Then have Walmart match the price. You cut 30% from your weekly grocery expenses. Works for all your make up and cleaning supplies too. Every week. I do couponing too for even more savings. But certainly am not an "extreme Couponer".

1/20/12 1:53 P

always eat all of your left the next day for lunch have what you had for supper the day before. it helps to save cause food isn't going to waste and you stay within your diet more easily

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1/20/12 11:46 A

I get the Sunday paper and clip coupons plus look for coupons online. I try and plan our dinners out for 2 weeks at a time and only pick up what's on my list.

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1/17/12 3:00 P

yes, except i live in AK, so online isn't ALWAYS best option for saving money, lol

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1/17/12 2:47 P

Buy Items in bulk anf freeze what you can for the best price, also buy concintrated items like laundry soap. Why pay for more plastic and water.there are also some online shopper clubs that offer great deals for members.

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1/12/12 2:36 P

thanx soo much. good idea.

CATHIE1010 Posts: 3
1/11/12 9:08 P

i shop whenever i get paid and budget the food that i'll buy for at least 2 weeks before i get the next pay :)

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1/11/12 4:46 P

One thing that is a big saver is deboning your own chicken breasts. The "split" chicken breast are frequently onsale for 99 cents a pound in my area.

Here is a great step-by-step instruction link on how to do it:>

1/11/12 4:01 P

I usually buy meat, chicken and fish at Costco, and try to buy when the price is good. I freeze a lot of it, so that there's meat on hand at home even when the prices are higher at the stores. Same for frozen vegetables and frozen fruit.

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1/11/12 2:04 P

lucky lucky, lol.

yeah i try to watch the spending but sometimes hubby can't help himself and buys teh grocery "fast foods"

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1/11/12 7:57 A

We're a military family so I do most of my grocery shopping at the Commissary. I tried to shop at the chain grocery stores closer to my house but it's was way more expensive. I can't always get the leanest meats at the Commissary but they have a better selection than I've seen at nearby stores.

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1/7/12 10:50 P

thats nice. there are butcher shops here but too far away to warrant teh cab ride. but cool idea.

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
1/7/12 12:27 P

i started buying my meats at a butcher shop instead of a grocery store.

same price per pound, some times a better deal.

better cuts of meat!

and the one i go to has packages that you can get which are great deals!! they start as low as $50 run up to $205 i think.

LISADAWN1312 Posts: 288
1/6/12 10:19 A

I shop at Costco and Food Basics here in Canada

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1/5/12 11:02 P

We usually buy the meats on sale or reduced and foodsave it. It's awesome, we have two freezer full cause of this. I've always heard that when the stores puts ads out the first page is really the best one to look at. That's how we do it and save tonnnnsss of money!!! We have 4 kiddos and there is no way to just look at reg price with this economy for meats.

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1/4/12 1:55 P

yeah - i experimented with the so-called cheaper red apple. yeah - not it.

carrs/fred meyers/sams club are it, i just need to ration and watch what i buy.

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1/4/12 10:17 A

I live in Canada and we don't have the same stores. I wish I could get the deals I hear about in the States. We do have Costco but overall the price per unit or pound is no different than the sale price at the regular grocery store. Milk is a killer here, $6. a gallon. and butter is 4.79/pound. Healthy groceries are really unreachable for many.

IZZYS_MOM Posts: 100
1/1/12 11:39 A

Kroger/Safeway/Smith's has really good deals in my opinion. I stock up when things are on sale. Look for their 10 for 10 items. I almost always buy meats from their "Crash bin" and freeze them. I have made a list of food that my family regularly eats and when I see it on sale, I stock up.

1/1/12 11:33 A

I normally shop at Wal-Mart and Cash and Carry which is a business that sells food to restaurants, etc.

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12/28/11 11:04 P

the closest thing to a discount store is red apple and EVERYONE will tell you NOT to eat their meat. cheese adn milk - ok. but they have cheaper everything else. and then theres walmart but walmart is way across town from me.

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12/27/11 9:53 P

I recently started shopping at the discount chain. The meat is half the price as in the upscale sister store.

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12/26/11 9:36 P

oh thats right. and i forgot they have some good variety of lamb sometimes.

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12/26/11 9:01 P

Costco has a pretty good selection of organic foods, too. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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12/26/11 4:07 P

okay thanx. I may just have to get a costco card now, lol. thanx,

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12/26/11 1:29 P

As far as regular price meat/poultry goes, Costco definitely has the highest quality for the dollar (IMO).

HEALTHY14REAL Posts: 2,549
12/26/11 9:38 A

I don't know how much this might help but I save lots on meats by checking out the "must sell" section where my store marks down the meats that are close to expiration. I can then cook them right away or put them in the freezer for later. Also buying in larger packages and repacking at home can often save you money.

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12/26/11 5:55 A

i was debating on whether to put this under family or food, lol.

any advice on how to save money on meats and stuff. Red apple is horrible for those things. so i'm debating between carss/safeway and costco or maybe a butcher shop.

any ideas? my kidz n hubby eat tons of chicken and I NEED beef. I can ration portions no problem. generally i make sure to get 3 oz of protein.

any ideas please?

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