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TEENIEME3 Posts: 692
4/27/12 7:18 A

Thank you for the info!
I am happy to know that 'my choice' (sea salt) is a slightly better far as being, 'unrefined' and having 80 other minerals.


SANDYTOES17 Posts: 572
4/27/12 6:53 A

sea salt

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4/26/12 10:03 P

Lol I understand your not trying to be argumentative and I'm not as well.

As an endurance athlete I know how important salt is. I eat whole unprocessed foods and I cannot get enough sodium from fresh vegetables and have to supplement my diet.

The OP wanted to know if Sea Salt is better for her. The answer is yes unrefined sea salt is better for the body than refined table salt. It contains 80 minerals that table salt doesn't and it hasn't had additives and preservatives added to it.

4/26/12 8:12 P

Salt is not a mineral. Sodium is a mineral. Sodium is naturally present in food, even unprocessed foods like fresh vegetables. We do not need to add salt to our food to meet our sodium needs.

For the record, I'm not being argumentative here. I hope my posts don't come across as such. My intent is to convey accurate information.

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4/26/12 7:22 P

Salt is an essential mineral, people cannot live without salt.

4/26/12 7:12 P

You do realize you're linking ads, right? Advertisers skew data to suit their needs.

Note in this Mayo Clinic article they say sea salt and table salt have nearly identical sodium content *by weight*. By a standard other than weight (probably volume since sea salt is chunkier) it could be said sea salt has less sodium (because you can fit less chunky sea salt in a tablespoon that finely ground table salt).

Adding salt to your food is not beneficial. And by weight (the only fair way to compare) their sodium content is the same.

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4/26/12 7:02 P

Sorry but you are incorrect. Unrefined sea salt is lower in sodium than refined table salt.

Understanding Salt and Sodium

The Difference between Unrefined Sea Salt and Table Salt

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4/26/12 1:27 P

I'm sorry but that's incorrect. Sea salt is not lower in sodium. The ad you linked as proof doesn't claim that it does.

They are equal in sodium content. Sea salt has traces of minerals that we need. We can get those minerals in much greater quantity from healthy foods than we can from sea salt.

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4/26/12 7:58 A

Unrefined sea salt contains less sodium per serving than refined table salt.

1/4 tsp serving
Table Salt - 581mg sodium
Unrefined Grey Sea Salt - 480mg sodium

More info here.

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4/24/12 9:39 P

u met ur goal. congrats to u. emoticon emoticon goog 4 u!!!

4/24/12 9:34 P

Both forms of salt are equally loaded with sodium. You can opt to not use either and use spices/herbs instead. You'd be amazed how much sodium you still end up taking in.

4/24/12 12:32 P

I realize this is not the direct question, but there are other flavor enhancers such as lemon juice that can be used as a substitute in many dishes as well. If you start cutting down the sodium intake, you may even find that you don't have the desire for it anymore.

4/24/12 10:26 A

Regular salt. To me sea salt tastes too salty, maybe its just because its a bigger grain but I don't like the texture either. I want to taste the salt in my food not feel the grain while eating.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/24/12 7:15 A

look at the mg sodium per serving.. both are the same amount per 1/4 tsp( 590 mg ). So how is sea salt lower sodium?

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4/23/12 9:21 P

lol, good 1.

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4/23/12 9:20 P


COOKIE352 Posts: 443
4/23/12 6:05 P


ADOS-ADOS Posts: 133
4/23/12 5:39 P

Sea salt IS different from standard table salt, or rock salt. Table salt contains added iodine ("iodized salt") which is an essential nutrient for thyroid function. Sea salt only has the small amount that is naturally present. My fiancée was just told by her doctor that she needed to add iodized salt to her diet, because she had an iodine deficiency, her thyroid gland was malfunctioning, and her lymph nodes were swelling up. Goitre was a common ailment prior to the advent of iodized salt, but now it's very rare in developed countries.

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4/23/12 5:30 P

It is the same thing; the nutritional content's pretty much the same.

Here's the facts:

It may taste a little different; I prefer sea salt when I'm cooking, but nutritionally speaking, it's no difference. I don't see that it is "saltier" or something you'd use less of... it's just coarser and a little tastier.

TMCLEOD4 Posts: 1,673
4/23/12 5:24 P

What I've read is that sea salt has more minerals left in and therefor tastes stronger and you can use less and have the food taste the same. You could try it and see if that's true for you.

3NORNS Posts: 351
4/23/12 5:20 P

ALL salt is sea salt.

no sea = no salt.

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4/23/12 4:24 P

I know that i need to watch my sodium intake but, i am a huge fan of salt, coming frm an italian family its no wonder, so does using sea salt make a diff?

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