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CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
4/11/13 9:44 A

I hope you find options that work for you either in the SP Recipes, or elsewhere.

Best wishes on your healthy journey

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4/10/13 4:09 P

I like fresh express salad kits they are great for when you don't wish to cook or are on the go.

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4/10/13 3:31 P

have you tried tabouleh? Kind of time consuming to make, but it is so GOOD! My mint and parsley plants are I just need some homegrown tomatoes. (It does have bulghur in it, so that may not work if you are strictly raw diet)

some of the things I like to throw in a green salad for variety - raw squash or zucchini, raisins, raw asparagus, cooked lentils, raw soy beans, diced apples, fresh grapes, grated asiago cheese, drained and rinsed black beans

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4/10/13 2:56 P

Do you use the SP recipes website? There are soo many salad ideas!

My favorite so far is the chickpea and feta salad. Yum!

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4/10/13 2:51 P

I never get tired of salads, even if it is the same old same old. I do like to stuff my salad in a pita pocket with some tuna, or roasted peppers. Very filling.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
4/10/13 9:40 A

I haven't gotten tired of my salads yet, but I do mix them up a tiny bit.

I usually use spinach for the base, because it is so good.

Then, I have any or all of these. Carrots, mushrooms, bell pepper (usually red, yellow or orange), cherry or grape tomatoes, and sometimes even celery or cucumber or just something else for crunch.

Then I always have something with protein. Meat selection of steak or chicken, an avocado, or a hardboiled egg. I don't usually combine any, but sometimes, if I am in the mood, I do.

I top it off with a crumbly cheese. Queso Fresco has been my favorite lately, but I have used, goat cheese, blue cheese, feta cheese, gorgonzola...

If I feel like it, I will sometimes throw pine nuts or almonds or anything on top, even chia seeds. just depends what I feel like.

Granted, I've only been eating them about 6 weeks, but I am still really loving my salads for lunch.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/10/13 8:47 A

Don't limit yourself to just greens either. I make salads from broccoli slaw, carrot slaw, beets, squash, spaghetti squash (I don't cook it. i just take it out with a fork-- i add sprouts, some lemon or balsamic vinegar with a touch of olive oil. I also add the apples or some other fruit to sweeten it up slightly.)
If you want more greens and are tired of just romaine or kale-- try adding dandelion greens, arugula, collards, swiss chard, mustard greens, parsley, watercress, turnip greens, beet greens.
I make salads from Quinoa as well.
Go to the library or even on line and look at raw food websites. they always have awesome recipes for salads and dressings. You don't have to go raw like I did. Use it as side dishes or any of the recipes can be made into main dishes.

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 2,320
4/10/13 7:55 A

Consider adding fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, apples, or a few grapes to your salad. Mixing in blue, feta, or goat cheese is a great way to add flavor & protein, or turn any salad into a main meal with the addition of shrimp, chicken, sliced steak, Avocados, olives, and toasted nuts. Kindney Beans, Black Beans or chickpeas add fiber. Fat Free Croutons or 1 Tbs. of Oscar Mayer Real Bacon Bits once in awhile.

Roast chicken, turkey or beef, salami, pastrami, ham, tuna, sardines, shrimp, crab, anchovy, cheese, hard-boiled egg, salmon.

Raw broccoli or cauliflower, green beans, peas, apple, gherkin, orange, pear, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas, kale, rice, asparagus, leek, bean sprouts, mushrooms, fennel, peach, capers,

Cucumber, tomato, radish, carrot, peppers, cabbage, sweetcorn, onion, olives, celery and avocado.Kindney Beans, Black Beans or chickpeas add fiber to any salad

Salad greens are very low in calories (maybe 10 calories a cup) and try to get the best nutrition from your greens. Romaine is high in nutritional value and so is spinach. So skip the iceberg lettuce. Kale is also good and loaded with fiber. The darker green, the better.

Try sliced pears with spinach, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, Raw broccoli or cauliflower, Cucumber, tomato, radish, matchstick carrots, a few beets, peppers, cabbage, red or white onion, black olives, celery, chopped egg, sardines, shrimp, crab, anchovy, red cabbage,mushrooms, adding cranberries, tangerine sections, apple slices or a few chow mein noodles for crunch, fat free croutons. Parm for the protein or Romano.

Watch out for the sugar in the dressings. Check out WALDEN FARMS dressings in the produce aisle of your grocery store. The dressing is usually the one high in calories. Try just a e squeeze of lemon or add cottage cheese on the salad to moisten instead of the dressing.

Just some ideas

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4/10/13 12:11 A


KIZMET3 Posts: 4
4/9/13 8:19 P

W the raw movement, why aren't there more raw salad selections in the recipe section? I need help w creativity of more salads. They seem to be key to my weight reduction. But i am getting bored w the same old ones.

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