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5/4/13 9:05 A

It doesn't necessarily sound to me like a serious issue either, given your schedule. I deal with mindless eating myself by just plain not eating at all outside of scheduled snacks (unless truly and seriously hungry). Maybe if you make that mental adjustment that if you're getting up in the morning at 4:30 (or whatever time it is), that breakfast/snack/snack/lunch/dinner is the appropriate way for you to eat, then you can get away from mindless morning grazing and on to more conscious choices. Even if the calories wind up the same, I think you'd feel better about it that way and be in a position to make the rest of the day work out the way you need it to.

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5/4/13 8:46 A

A 1/2 cup of Old Fashioned Oats is about 150 calories...add blueberries or strawberries to the mix and the fiber will help keep you full. Actually any berries are good as they have the least impact on blood sugar. WHEN BLOOD SUGAR SPIKES UP AND THEN DROPS IT MAKES A PERSON HUNGRY

Dried fruit is concentrated sugar so you might want to add some sliced almonds which are low in saturated fat and will help balance blood sugar to help with cravings for more food. I even add flax seeds to my oatmeal. Walnuts are also very good because the they contain Omega 3's and help keep the heart healthy....filling too! 1 walnut is about 30 calories. And yes, I wouldn't go with the 100 calorie packets ...go for the real stuff.

An apple with a tad of peanut butter or hummus a couple hours later will also keep you body fueled. Skip the crackers totally...need crunch... take some cucumber slices...a whole cuke is only 45 calories, or try 10 baby carrots, celery sticks, radishes.

You might also want to try 2 Slices of toasted rye bread sliced thinly with a tad of peanut or almond butter and Smuckers reduced sugar jelly.

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5/4/13 8:22 A

what is the rest of your schedule like? because to me, if you're at work at 6am, 800 cals by noon isn't unreasonable. it seems like a lot if you compare it to where someone is who works a standard 9-5, but you're up earlier and you likely go to bed earlier as well, so skewing earlier in all things isn't an issue. in other words, you at noon should be at the same place that a 9-5er is by about 3pm in the afternoon.
800 cals by noon leaves you with 400-700 cals minimum for dinner and an after dinner snack, which are all the meals you should have left by then. that's hardly sabotage. if you want to free up more calories for slightly larger evening meals and snacks, just try and cut 10-50 cals out of your morning 6-12 eating [use a teaspoon less of dry oatmeal; if you're using 2 Tablespoons of nut butter, cut it back to 1 or 1.5; have 2 less crackers than you usually do and so forth] and that should free up a little more room.

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5/4/13 5:53 A

Guess your last phrase said it all:

"not that I'm very hungry; I just compulsively eat"

You need to develop a strategy.
It's not about will power (postponing breakfast); it's about wise choices.

Perhaps your body is saying that the oatmeal is not sufficient as a start for the day.
Perhaps you need to develop a good menu with balance.

Crackers on top of the oatmeal (yes, I realize not in the same serving) is only adding more grains on top of grains, rather than dairy, fruit, protein.

A few nuts, dried fruits, fresh, chopped fruit on top of the oatmeal, if you're determined to have oatmeal would be a nice addition.

Veggie sticks and a little hummus might be a good snack mid-morning rather than the crackers.

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5/4/13 5:19 A

How big is your bowl of oatmeal? Do you have more protein with it than just a bit of peanut butter? Do you eat any fruit with it?

Rather than turning to crackers which are really fairly empty calories, as in not filling, why not try a piece of banana and some yoghurt, or a couple dried fruit like dates or figs? I never eat a whole apple now - I cut it into 1/3 or 1/4, and then slice that up and nibble on that. If I am out, I just put it into a little snap-lock bag and squeeze the air out. Pears are good for this, too!

Below is a link that you may find helpful:

If you are using your Nutrition Tracker, then keep a diary of what you eat and when, and then also write down what was happening. You might be able to find a pattern and then deal with it more successfully.

Good luck,

5/3/13 10:05 P

It sounds to me like it is mindless eating (which you pretty much identified yourself). You could either eat breakfast later or maybe eat something else for breakfast (or, obviously, stay the same!). At least for me and some people I know, we find oatmeal to be yummy but not very filling, and that could be the problem. If you still want oatmeal (I've never heard of oatmeal and peanut butter, but everyone is different!), then maybe between breakfast and lunch you should think of having just one filling snack, maybe a fruit salad or a protein bar; I'm sure others will have suggestions!

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5/3/13 8:56 P

I found that eating protein at breakfast and holding off on carbs (sugar) until later kept that problem in check. No instant oatmeal...that's full of sugar. Quick oats or rolled oats cook in 2 minutes in the microwave. Any bread should be whole wheat and higher in fiber.

Breakfast protein you say?
Eggs (even hard boiled)
Yogurt (Greek has more protein)
Smoothie with protein powder
I have even eaten last night's dinner left overs as that meal is usually higher in protein.

Try peanut butter on a whole wheat English muffin. Welcome and good luck to you.


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5/3/13 8:49 P

I get to work very early (6:00 am) and I find myself consuming 800 calories before noon. I eat a bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter in it at work, followed by an apple an hour later, then crackers, then I'm onto other snacks. I calculated my intake at noon the other day and it was 800 calories. I feel like I need to eat breakfast later (self control...) or come up with a new strategy. It's not like I'm every hungry I just compulsively eat.

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