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TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
9/24/13 4:33 P

Thank you all! God bless you!

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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9/24/13 10:39 A

When I started my weight loss journey I started it with walking. In the summer I would walk 4 miles a day 5 days a week. AFter a year of doing that I got somewhat bored with it and started to couch to 5k program. Since then I have been running 3 -4 time a week and just finished my first 6 mile run. I am not sure how long I will be running for, but all I can say is that it became a natural progression for me to switch from walking to running. I still walk on occasion and I think it is one of the best forms of exercise out there. You have to do what is right for you, but as long as you are up and moving that really is all that matter!

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
9/23/13 9:37 P

Thank you for your help!

CKTALL Posts: 388
9/23/13 6:51 P

I used to run and now my knees ache when running - so walking it is. I get so much more pleasure out of walking mainly because I don't hurt but also I find I pay more attention to everything- the flowers, someones yard, the homes I pass etc.. I also change up my walking i.e. power walking, skipping, walking backwards and change up my route to keep it interesting. With running I could not not change my route because of the terrain - concrete and asphalt - walking on these surfaces seems not to be an issue but running was. I think someone already said if you will walk 30 minutes but not run 15 then walk. While everyone is right on the calorie burn I can powerwalk faster than some joggers - sooooooo find what you like and do it. And that is all that matters - don't compare yourself to anyone - just do what feels good to you. Your workout is the time to be selfish and say all about me, all about me, all about me

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
9/23/13 5:22 P

Thank you for your advice!

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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9/23/13 4:46 P

Walking is terrific. If you like it, do it. It's the only thing I did for my first couple of months (but I like running, so was always itching to do that once I felt I could).

I did walk a lot further than a mile, but you do what works for you.

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
9/23/13 4:21 P

thank you so much for all of the great answers and advice! I guess I just begin to feel like a loser or under par because I guess I don't do anything spectacular when it comes to exercise. lol.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
9/23/13 2:54 P

I can only manage power walking

GIPPER1961 Posts: 766
9/23/13 12:24 P

I can't answer for the tracker but I know on my bodymedia device I burn many more calories running than walking. I started running because of this. Running of course can be hard on the knees so care has to be taken there.

Running is not everyone's cup of tea but as someone else said the best exercise is what you will keep doing. If you try it and find you like it, it is for you.

I never thought I would enjoy running but have found I do. I do have to watch my knees so I increase my distance slowly. If I challenge myself too much I tend to feel it in the knees quite a bit

CANDACEMM Posts: 1,218
9/23/13 9:56 A

When I'm with my husband and dog, I walk.
When I'm by myself, I walk and jog.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
9/23/13 7:50 A

I used to run, but haven't done it in years, and would have to work up to it, again.
I DO walk, and enjoy that.

The key to any exercise is being able to enjoy it, I believe.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
9/23/13 7:42 A

I walk every morning and find it a great way to exercise. Running is too hard on my joints. Do what you can and will do and you'll be fine.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
9/23/13 6:42 A

I'd agree that you need to do what YOU want to do. Everybody needs to decide for themselves what they want to do, and how much time they are willing to devote to it. While some people have no trouble committing to a hour or two at the gym every day..... others will settle on a 30 minute dvd. Or walking. Or something else.

I've used walking as my cardio from the beginning of my journey. I'm too cheap for a gym (and I live in the country; no gyms close by). I tried running but it's too high-impact for me. Over time, I've switched to doing hills, and now I strap on a weighted backpack-- all to increase the intensity without adding any more time to my workout. I cover the same amount of ground in the same amount of time, but I've made it more of a challenge.

YOGAGEEK SparkPoints: (6,917)
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9/23/13 5:47 A

I'm confused by the posts saying you burn the same calories walking or running the same distance. Out of curiosity, I input a mile each of a few walking and running speeds into my tracker, and the running burns significantly more calories:

Walking 4 mph: 68
Walking 3 mph: 72
Running 6 mph: 101
Running 10 mph: 100

So as long as you're doing the same activity (walking or running) speed doesn't seem to make much difference if you're covering the same distance, but running still burns more calories than walking.

That being said, there's nothing wrong with walking. If you'll commit to walking half an hour a day but wouldn't commit to running fifteen minutes a day, then walking is a better choice. It's also often easier to fit into one's lifestyle, as you can do it in regular clothes or even make it a part of your commute.

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
9/22/13 4:27 P

Thank you, that was very helpful! God bless yall!

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JESSAELINN SparkPoints: (22,120)
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9/22/13 3:37 P

I can walk 4.5 or more mph on the treadmill, and it is proven that a runner vs. walker burns about the same calories, but running is harder on your joints. I have noticed it takes more effort to walk 4.7mph than to run 5.0mph, which is interesting...

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
9/22/13 2:25 P

Thank you. I just always see people on here talking about going to the gym or burning like 700 calories a day and i have no desire to go to the gym and burn about 100 calories a day. There was a point i was working out so much i began to hate it so now im not sure what to do or how i feel. I just dont wanna exercise so much that i have no time for anything else again.

9/22/13 1:51 P

I feel like the best exercise plan is the exercise plan that you'll stick to and the one that you don't hate doing.

Walking one mile (~20 minutes) and running one mile (~10 minutes) actually burns a similar amount of calories; walking just takes longer. Running will build different muscles and will improve your high-intensity endurance.

I love walking too, so I walk. I walk a LOT, and I love it. This morning I woke up this morning and walked for two hours on the treadmill while watching the news.

I also want to build my other muscles, so I do 1 minute sprints at the beginning and end of my walking, and three times a week I do 5 minutes of a very high intensity workout video. I tell myself I can do anything for 5 minutes.

So, don't feel guilty. Do what works for you. If you aren't meeting your goals, try changing it up, but if you are, or you are just starting out, walking 1 mile is great.

TERRI-SUEE7 Posts: 85
9/22/13 1:31 P

I know this is the Diet and Nutrition forum but I was just wondering if running is better than walking. I love to walk and will be walking a mile each day (estimated) but I always see people run and I feel guilty. I'm just not into running. Is this okay?

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