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EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
11/24/12 2:52 A

THanks N16351D - my healthcare insurance (costs) are fix every month - and it doesn't change if I go and see the doctor or not. Here in Germany we do not have the possibility to see the pharmacist for advice. I have to see the doctor to get an prescripton for physio - I have to pay a bit, but not very much. Most physicians ask you to see the doctor first before they start treating - thats how it works here. (And compared to England the waiting list for an appointment to see the physician is very very short. I live in an area with a lot of doctors and specialists - and my orthopedic doctor has a drop in 3 mornings a week - so no need to see the (in that case useless) GP.

Newmetoday ... well, I like running. I cycle a lot - I do not use the car for distances/shopping/etc. nearer then 4 k. But I do NOT enjoy cycling. Its only a way to get from a-b ;) - so its not an option.

BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
11/23/12 4:43 P

try riding a stationary bike, recumbant type. Sitting takes the weight off your knees and you still get exercise

N16351D Posts: 2,349
11/23/12 4:42 P

I am a wimp. To clarify, I view pain as a signal that something is wrong that needs attention. Thus, I do not hesitate to spend my hard-earned money with health care professionals. But I am also frugal, so I will visit the pharmacist first. Most people don't think about doing this, but that profession is a wealth of free information. I also try Ibuprofen before exercise to see if the anti-inflammatory medication helps. (There can be inflammation not visible to the naked eye...) Also, I would try icing and heat before seeing a physical therapist or sports doctor. It just might work.

If I were in your shoes, I would try backing off, and making a journal to look for patterns in my pain. Does it hurt to walk 3- 5miles? Is it only when you run? Can you go 1- 2 miles without pain? The more information you have in hand, the better the health care professional can help.

When those don't work, I go to the doctor. Thus, I am a wimp! I pay my deductible on my insurance and go from there. After 30 years of this, I have learned a tremendous amount about my body and have been inspired to take anatomy and physiology classes.

Try the simple things first, then get as much free help as you can, then spend the money to figure out what might be wrong.

AKIRE0037 Posts: 12
11/23/12 3:02 P

About 9 months ago I stopped running because I started developing knee pain. I finally went to the doctors this week and explained how my goal was to run a 5K and once I got up to running 30 sec walking 30 sec for 3 miles I had to stop because the knee pain was too much. I also explained how I tried using one brace and then had problems with the other knee, so then I was using two braces. Finally, it moved to my ankle and even with a brace there was such a burning sensation after about a mile, I couldn't do it. Well, I was hoping I would get some answers for the knee pain, but instead I was told that I shouldn't run until I lose weight first. Well, 9 months ago I was lighter and at the time I stopped I had been running for 3 months and was lighter than I am now. I really want to get back on track with running because I enjoyed it. However, my doctor says I'll just injure myself.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
11/23/12 5:13 A

okok :)
I ll drop in next week - I'm so happy to live in Germany and have a great healthcare available! :)

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11/23/12 5:06 A

I also see a physio for every little niggle. As a result, I rarely have to miss a run due to injury.

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
11/23/12 3:06 A

Yes, I would go and see the specialist. I see my physio for every niggle in my knees and ankles. More often than not I have hurt myself (again). Better to be safe than sorry.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
11/23/12 2:40 A

So, I run since June/July - starting after a second knee surgery (menisci). Which is fine. But I get some strange "kneepain" after running. My knee is not hot, not swollen, there is no pain while running, but a tickling, sting uncomfortable knee "pain" after.
Is it normal? Does the knee only have to adapt to running? (I started with amazing 500 m and run now 4-5 k without a problem)

Would YOU go and see the specialist?

I run every 2-3 days normally.

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