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5/7/13 12:00 P

I'm doing Ripped in 30 right now and really enjoy it. I've found I can get through it with 5lb. hand weights, but I was running and not lifting any weights at all for a few months before I started, so I'm probably weak compared with you. If I were you, I'd probably keep 5s, 8s, and 10s on hand to start with, and then adjust upward if necessary.

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5/7/13 7:28 A

I love R30. Definitely more challenging than the 30 day shred. I do the video before my regular strength training routine. So I do it 3 days a week rather than the week 1, week 2 etc. format so it takes me a lot longer to complete a week. I also spend more time completing a level and move up once I feel the routine is getting too easy. I'm on day 11 of the second week. Planning on going to week 3 next week.

I use 8 lbs weights to ensure I'm working my muscles to exhaustation and there were certain exercises (like with the 30 day shred) I'd use 5 lbs. For level 2 I'm just using 8 lbs and I'm actually finding a lot of the exercises too easy with the 8's (hence why I'm moving to week 3 next week). All except one, pendulum lunges with serving biceps. It's hard! I've seen huge improvements in strength since I started them and can do the serving biceps now but the pendulum lunges I'm still struggling with my balance and putting the two and two together. They're a good part of the reason I haven't moved to week 3 yet. I'm set on mastering them.

I do find that like the 30 day Shred, her exercises for upper body are far more challenging than the ones for your core and lower body. Her core exercises tend to be a bit too easy. Not sure if that's just me though and I have a stronger core than upper body.

I definitely recommend Ripped in 30 and love it way more than the 30 day Shred because it's actually challenging and her compound moves are unique and fun to master. I also recommend using a weight that you have trouble completing more than 5 reps when beginning a level. So keep different weights handy because you'll need heavier or lighter depending on the particular exercise. Keep with it and you'll see huge strength improvements by the end of the week. I would not follow JM's weekly format and instead include the video as your strength training (3 days a week or every other day) and move to the next level when *you* feel you've mastered a level. That way you're getting the most out of each week.

Personally, I've liked all JM's videos so much I haven't venured into Insanity, Turbo Jam, P90X etc. I have the videos, I've watched them and they just don't seem like they're for me. I'm not sure what it is but they don't hold the same appeal the Jillian holds for me. ;)

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5/6/13 10:29 P

My husband and I started exercising regularly in January of this year & we have really liked Jillian Michaels dvds. Ripped in 30 has been one of our favorites but we don't exercise every day. I use 3 lb & my husband uses 5 lb weights. We have both seen a difference since starting this - not so much weight loss but just getting in such better shape / toned. Jillians website has a meal plan that goes along with this dvd

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5/6/13 10:12 P

Getting ripped means losing body fat at no more than about 2 lbs per week, which is doable lots and lots and lots of ways, and doing just about any strength training program. (Hypertrophy strength training if "ripped" means "bulging".)

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5/6/13 4:02 P

I am starting ripped in 30 tonight, looking for reviews, of what you thought of it, i need a shorter workout during the summer so it fits my busy schedule. i have previously done chalean extreme, turbofire and did the first month of insanity but found it was hard to fit 45 to 80 minutes in 6 days a week with insanity. with ripped in 30 you us hand weights, for more advanced people what lb weight do you recommend? i was thinking of starting with 5, 8 and 10 lbs. any other advice to lose weight with this program would be much appreciated.

thank you in advance

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