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1/23/14 2:54 P

So I am back, and starting over again. Only this time, divorced, single, not quite as heavy as when I first started, and no clue what to do anymore lol. Feel free to support me, yell and cheer, and kick me as I need it!!!!

Y'all have always been great and hoping again for support I so desperately need this time around.

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8/2/13 12:53 P

He found his lol...35+ years older. They bought house together. But I am definitely better off!!!!

The 5k Ivan doing is because the guy I started hanging out with was asked by his ex wife to run it. So he asked me to join. He has been an amazing motivation for me!!!

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8/2/13 9:50 A

Glad you're back. Glad you got a divorce and got out of a bad situation. He'll find "Miss PERFECT" and you will find that the world is full of men.

True story: This woman I know was with her boyfriend two years in high school & four years in college & was to get married with a big wedding planned for the next year & then found her boyfriend in bed with her best friend (they'd did lots of things together). She learned that they'd been carrying on for a LONG time behind her back. She was heart-broken!!!!! She went down to Florida to stay with an Aunt since all she could do for four months was cry & stay in bed from depression. The first week down there, she went with her cousin to a dance but refused to go in. While sitting outside alone, a guy waiting in a car for his brother, noticed her & came over to talk. He told her he didn't dance or drink & was going to college. Long story short, they've been married 26 yrs. and they are a PERFECT match. (Her former boyfriend has been married and divorced three time, & the marriage to her ex-gf only lasted one yr.) So, this woman is now so aware of what happened and how happy it turned out that she found her husband who is very conservative.

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8/2/13 8:03 A

The fruit loop was something that people started calling me because I was changing ways I looked at life. And it stuck. But I didn't. I fell off for 18 months with divorce and everything else.

But I am back!!! Newest fruit loop adventure..... my first ever 5k race :) kicker is I started training when I was asked to do it, less than 4 weeks before race. But I am doing it!!!!

Now to get more things under control. In time tho I guess!

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